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Nicole Franzel

Nicole Franzel is an American TV personality.

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  • Gender: female
  • Age: 25
  • Born: 30th of June, 1992 in Ubly, Michigan, the USA
  • About/Bio:
    Nicole Franzel is an American TV personality. Famously known as the competitive and bubbly contesta… Nicole Franzel is an American TV personality. Famously known as the competitive and bubbly contestant since Big Brother 16, Nicole Franzel is an American ER nurse, TV personality and the winner of Big Brother 18 from Ubly, Michigan. Since her first appearance in Big Brother 16, the 25-year-old American darling has already shown that she can competitively keep up – if not, stand out - with and from the rest of the houseguests despite only being 21 years old during her first season. Before bagging the winning title in Big Brother 18, the cheerful nursing graduate first became one of the favorite houseguests, who was seen as a strong threat back in her season. In 2016, she appeared once again as a returnee contestant along with other participants. Though she likes to pull on pranks so much that it became one of her favorite activities, her being declared as Big Brother 18’s victor was absolutely no prank. Becoming the next female winner to win since Rachel Reilly gave her victory an even more dramatic effect, as she brought home the grand prize after five years. To add up to that historic win, her victory over Paul Abrahamian made her also the first ever female Houseguest to beat a male Houseguest in the final round. An American native born on the 30th of June 1992, Nicole Ann Franzel lives in the small town of Ubly, Michigan. Having dreamed of entering the Big Brother house ever since the age of eight, her being part of the Big Brother for the second time was definitely a dream come true. The sweet-looking-but-will-tear-you-down lady was well-remembered for her strategic gameplay, which allowed her to secure the Veto and the household head power as well as her consistent non-nomination until the housemates were down to four. Besides her competitive side, Big Brother house also shone her pleasing personality. With over 175,000 followers, Nicole Franzel twitter is a gateway for her to continue channeling her positiveness, most especially after her proclamation as the winner. Every now and then, you can find her tweeting about animals, especially her love for elephants while aiming to educate people. Scroll way up or down and you’ll catch her tweeting about her hubby Victor Arroyo who was also one of the houseguests in Big Brother 18. After the show ended, the two managed to keep their friendship growing until love happened - and the rest was history. Rumor has it, the hunky gym manager was said to already keep a pretty tender eye on the Michigan nurse while maintaining his distance back in the season, as she was still in another pair-up with Corey Brooks. Nicole is pretty much vocal about their relationship and you’ll definitely catch the two of them showering their new found love in social media. However, Nicole Franzel snapchat isn’t the place to search for the couple’s cute moments, as the app never really appealed to her in the first place. She basically belongs in the category of people whose phones can’t be seen with the ghost of the app – and she can’t be any happier to be excluded from the hype. If you still can’t get enough of the couple’s heart melting bond, you’re bound to find it in both Vic’s and Nicole’s instagram as the two are pretty open about their cheesiness. Best believe, you’ll continue to witness their romance in Nicole Franzel instagram, which boasts of 598,000 followers. Life after Big Brother introduced her to her latest obsession – traveling. Nicole Franzel is currently mapping the globe and is planning to visit as many destinations as she can. Shows: Big Brother 16, The Bold and the Beautiful, Big Brother 18, The Talk, Big Brother 19