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Alex Lange
Alex Lange is a baseball player.
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2,October, 1995 Riverside, California, the USA
Alex Lange is a baseball player. The sky is the limit for baseball pitcher Alex Lange - and he continues to prove just so in every tournament his right-hand command is in. Many may have asked how old is Alex Lange and but it’s not a secret as this 22-year-old American hotshot has taken the spotlight since his early years as a baseball player. With Alex Lange age at 22, the LSU and Chicago Cubs pitcher has already carved an important milestone in the sphere of baseball, with achievements too exceptional to be overlooked. Even during his senior years, Alex Lange has already generated immense noise in the realm of baseball after being named last 2014 as the Baseball Player of the Year for the Missouri Gatorade. There’s no mistaking as to how this skillful gentleman has dominated the league. Being so well-achieved in his early school years, several colleges couldn’t help but itch for the outstanding baseball player and was effortlessly scouted due to his noteworthy accomplishments. In 2015, he chose to spend his college years at LUS or Louisiana State University. Lange LSU career earned him a scholarship and majored in Finance, which then paved way for his undeniable flair to advance in another level. His accomplishments as a baseball player didn’t stop in his freshman year but doubled even in a blaring feat. Alex Lange birthday is October 2, 1995. He was an adopted child and was raised by Craig and Renee Lange at Riverside California, where his upbringing nurtured much of his talent. Ever since he started picking up a baseball bat at the age of two, Alex, together with his mother, grabbed every occasion to play baseball. Although his baseball talent could be traced back in the roots of her biological parents, much of his passion in baseball was influenced by his mother, Renee, who jumbled three jobs and Alex’s pursuit into a fruitful feat. Life was not smooth for the two, but Alex passion in baseball and her mother’s support imprinted a significant element in their lives. Back in 2013, he participated in a competitive Area Code Baseball Games and went home as part of 2013 Under Armour All-America Team. As evident in his thriving career, he makes sure to stretch the best out of his capacity in every tournament he is faced with and puts in his mind to play the best baseball game he could ever have. If not for his mother, Lange is confident that he wouldn’t be able to attain the victory he has had ever since. On top of that, his career in LSU finished with over 30 victories, where he was ranked fifth place in the school’s all-time wins list and was drafted by the renowned Chicago Cubs in the 1st round of 2017 Major League Baseball draft. He was the 30th pick in the MLB draft, and was eventually appointed to the Eugene Emeralds after signing with the famed Chicago Cubs. To add up more to the fruits of his toil, not only was he named as LSU’s top pitchers, but he also was part of the 2016 and 2017 SEC Academic Honor Roll. Lange is considered as one of the best baseball players in the league, and the excellence he has shown will be expected to glow even more in the next seasons. For the 2018 season by the Major League Baseball, he was included in the top ten players.

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