What is Wallpics?

Wallpics is an incredible app which creates self-adhesive photo boards
using your favorite photos for unique wall decor in your home.

How much do Wallpics cost?

Only $94 for a set of three. International shipping price depends on
your country. Each additional Wallpics board will be charged at a
discounted price of $19!

How does my photo look when printed by Wallpics?

Providing you use photos with the optimum pixels, Wallpics will create
good quality, sheen finished boards which look awesome on any wall in
any home!

What size are Wallpics?

Wallpics are perfectly sized at 8" x 8" and almost 3/4" thick.

Are Wallpics available in other sizes?

Not just yet, but do let us know which other sizes you'd like us to add.

Can I make a collage from one photo?

You have the option to split a photo into 3 or even 3 x 3 Wallpics. This can be done when reviewing your order, as long as the chosen photo is large enough.

How do Wallpics stick?

On the reverse of each Wallpics board there are four 1" x 1" sticky pads. These will adhere to almost any wall without damage and makes you stick photo boards easily.

How do I mount my Wallpics on the wall?

Remove the protective paper covering the sticky pads. Decide on your display and gently tap your Wallpics into place.

How long will it take to get my Wallpics?

Delivery takes about 1 week in the US and about 2-4 weeks for international orders.

Can Wallpics be removed easily?

Wallpics photo boards are designed to be movable wall decor. Play around with your wall display, remove and replace. All without damaging your walls.

Do Wallpics work on all walls?

Wallpics will stick to almost any wall. If yours don't stick when you receive them, we guarantee to refund your money.

How long do the sticky pads last?

Wallpics can remain on a wall for years! If your sticky pads wear out, we will be happy to replace them for free.

Do I get a discount on a large order?

Yes. Please contact us should you like to place an order of over 150 Wallpics.

What resolution should my photos be for WaIIpics?

800 pixels or larger will produce a high quality image. Smaller photos will look blurred in print. If your photo is the optimum size but out of focus, it too will be blurred.

How do I choose which section of my photo gets printed?

When reviewing Wallpics you can adjust your photos accordingly.

Can I use my Instagram or Facebook photos?

You'll need to download to your phone for now.

You don’t know where to print photos?

Print photos from phone using iOS app, Android app or from Wallpics.com website

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!

What is your Shipping Policy?

Our aim is to process and ship within 48 hours after receiving your order.