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Wallpics Privacy Policy

Monster Brain Studios Limited, Privacy Policy

LAST UPDATED: January 9th, 2018

This Privacy Policy defines your rights when using the Wallpics App and is meant to serve as a legal document to define the scope of information stored about you, how this information is used and who else has access to this information.

Monster Brain Studios Limited, who operates the service, may amend this privacy policy at any time and it will notify you when it is updated via email.

Who are we?

Monster Brain Studios Limited is a game development. You may contact us via email at

Are you obligated to provide us with information?

No. You are providing us with your information under your own volition. However, if you do not provide us with any information we may not be able to provide you with our services.

How do we collect information?

We collect information about you mainly from your use of our services, meaning the information you provided us in your forms, your use of the services and the information stored on your phone which you allow us to access. We may also use information we receive from Apple (relating to Apple Pay and Apple Store), Google (relating to your Google Play information you allow us to access) and from third party services which provide us with data processing and cleansing tools.

What do we collect?

We collect the following personally - identifiable information: your contact information, which includes your name, address and email; your photos used through the services, including their contents and metadata, as well as other information deduced from them, your order history, including financial information relating to your payments (your credit card number is NOT included in this).

We also collect aggregated, non-personally identifiable, information which is meant to improve the services, and is stored in a separate, non-identifiable, way.

What about children under 18?

We provide this service for adults only. We do not knowingly process any information relating to children and prohibit any child from using the service. If you found out that information about children is stored, let us know and we will fix it. If you are a parent who is using the service to print photos of your children, it is fine, just understand that by uploading images of children to the service you represent and warrant that you provide us the permission to use these photos.

How do we use this information?

We basically use your information to provide you with the services. We use your contact information to ship the photos you ordered through the service and use your photos to print them. We also use the information in an aggregated manner to improve the service. We may also use your contact information to provide you with updates about the services.

How do we secure this information?

All information sent through the service is encrypted via HTTPS. This means that no one, apart from us, should be able to use this information. Also, we use industry standard practices to secure your information on our servers and pick the best service providers, who comply with periodic checks.

Who else has access to your information?

We provide access to your information on a need-to-know basis. This means that apart from our employees and customer service, who are under confidentiality obligations, we provide the information to our contractors for specific assignment (such as our manufacturer). We also share some information with Apple (for Apple Pay), AWS (for storage), DeltaDNA (for database hosting), Stripe (for payment processing), DHL (for shipping) and Singular (our analytics service). None of these third party service providers will use the information for any purpose but providing us with services.

Can you review your information?

Sure, just send a request to our customer service.

Can we contact you?

Yes. We will contact you via email for order updates, newsletters and other promotional offers relating to the services. We may also send you push notifications for updates.

Do we notify about data breaches?

Yes. In any case of a data breach we will notify the persons whose information was breach and provide them the information required.

What can you do if you feel your privacy was invaded?

If you feel your privacy was invaded in any way, please email us at