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Beatrice Bouchard
Beatrice Bouchard is a Canadian social media figure.
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25th February, 1994 in Westmond, Canada
Beatrice Bouchard is a Canadian social media figure. Famed as the tennis icon Eugenie Bouchard’s fraternal twin sister, Beatrice Bouchard is a Canadian social media figure from Westmond, Canada Though her name only caught the public’s attention due to her reputation as the fraternal twin of the famous tennis player, Eugenie Bouchard – Beatrice Bouchard is equally worth the paparazzi and headlines. As much as her tennis champ twin gets the center of attention, she’s also starting to get her own stage especially on social media platforms like Instagram, which she proclaims as a favorite of hers. It’s not surprising that more and more people are beginning to focus their eyes on Beatrice Bouchard Instagram as her followers continue to soar with over 257,000 followers. Born and raised in Montreal, she is the daughter of Julie Leclair and investment banker, Michel Bouchard. Aside from her sister Eugenie, she has also one younger sister and brother, named Charlotte and William, respectively. Interestingly, she and her siblings were given names after the Royal family, which could pretty much coincidentally add up to the reasons for their undeniable public attention. Blame it on her picture-perfect Insta photos; she’s earned her trail of admirers and well, haters. Well, she may or she may be not who she really is in social media, there’s basically one thing you can learn about her just by looking at her pictures – she’s a traveller and an adrenaline junkie. She considers New York as her most favorite city and has since hopped from different destinations. Her outdoorsy spirit pretty much shines in most of her Instagram photos. She can be seen in a sexy two-piece enjoying the white sand beaches of Miami or in an elegant dress headed to a glamorous night out – either way, she can easily come off as the talk of the town. Although you can tag along with her personal life only through her Instagram and Twitter, the scarce details about her only keep the attention she’s getting increasing! Moreover, the way into her heart basically, as all women would agree so, is through her stomach. She loves eating sushi, burgers, fish, and anything pear flavored. Basically, she maintained her fit figure despite obsessing over pretzels, pizza, and cream cheese – do name it. While nourishing her cravings, she would spend her time in the gym to catch up with her healthy body. With a figure she’s earned through studios periods in the gym and a healthy lifestyle – the media would definitely be in a much hullabaloo, especially for Beatrice Bouchard nue posts in her social media account. Her sister Eugenie may be well-known for her niche in tennis, but who knows what this sexy lady holds? Growing up, she would spend her summer enjoying canoe trips as her father frequently brought her and her siblings to camping. Though she’s no professional tennis player, she also has a sporty side. The 24-year-old beach-babe is also inclined to sports, as evident in her fit, sexy body. Besides playing basketball, volley pong, and guess what? She also played tennis, though that was years ago. Both Beatrice and Eugenie started playing tennis since they were five years old, however, finding passion in it didn’t really catch her the same way her twin Eugenie did. She quit playing when she was seven years old and focused on her own capabilities while her sister drove her interest to the tournaments. While she’s got no plans entering the realm of sports, she can definitely have her luck going in the entertainment industry with her striking looks and personality. Beatrice Bouchard has appeared in the TSN SummerCentre as the co-host for the National Championships of the Coors Light Games along with Cabbie Richards. Shows: TSN SummerCentre

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