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Derek Peth
Derek Peth is an actor, and a model.
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6th of December, 1987 in Waverly, Iowa , the USA
Derek Peth is an actor, and a model. Derek Peth is an American actor, and a model, he is famous for his role in the 12th season of the television series "The Bachelorette" before he started his acting career he was a commercial banker. Derek Peth was a commercial banker and used to work at wall street before he was discovered, and even though he is not returning to banking any time soon, he can use this skill elsewhere. He has graduated from the Wartburg College, an Evangelical Lutheran Church liberal arts college in Iowa. Peth has gained popularity after appearing in the show "The Bachelorette" in which he tries to impress and make JoJo Fletcher fall in love with him, he later returned in the fourth season of the television series Bachelor in Paradise which was formerly known as "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette." Peth and Taylor Nolan fell for each other in the TV series however after the camera stopped recording Peth realized that he was indeed in love with Nolan, Derek became even more popular when on Monday he proposed Taylor in front of hundreds of viewers on the bachelor of paradise after-show. Taylor got engaged to Derek live on that show and later on they even spoke to the audience about how all of this felt. The production of the show bachelor in paradise had stopped, and Taylor said that the halt of the production was a good thing for their relationship as that is when she realized that she had fallen for him, they used to facetime each other and talk for over five hours. They had a big fight in Paradise, however, they made it up to each other and then got engaged, the fight took place when Taylor opened up to Derek about her past relationships which nonetheless taught them how important communication was for a successful relationship. Derek Peth is also very interested in doing charitable work and helping the homeless & needy; furthermore, he has been helping the survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. This was dedicated to Derek's best friend's sister who was a close friend of Peth and had committed suicide. Derek took to heart this tragic accident as that girl helped victims of domestic abuse as well as of sexual assault for a long time so that theme was very close to her. Since his youth Derek has admired Ben Franklin, as that historical character taught him to look at this world with child’s perception and that significant thing has made him be better. Even though he has not made any official statements in the upcoming future, he might move away from banking and get more into charitable or social work. Another interesting fact about the 30-year-old reality star is that singing is his hobby and not only does he sing but he also plays guitar, and although he has not been updating his YouTube channel lately, earlier he used to upload covers of various songs in his YouTube channel. Like most of the celebrities he enjoys fitness, in fact, to be precise he loves surfing and hiking, he is personally interested in dorky movies. Derek got engaged in 2017 and even though the fans want him to get married this year (2018) there are very slim chances of the function being held in 2018, they both are not even living together yet. However, the next season of the show Bachelor in Paradise might start with their wedding ceremony. Shows: The Bachelorette (12th season), Bachelor in Paradise

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