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Elena Ce'Anne Davies
Elena Davies is a radio personality and a reality TV show star.
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19 of August, 1990 in Fort Worth, TX, the USA
Elena Davies is a radio personality and a reality TV show star. Elena Davies is a radio personality and a reality TV show star. She is widely known for her roles in Big Brother as Elena Davies and Dancing with the Star as an audience member. Elena Davies is a TV reality show personality and radio presenter. She was born in 1990 in Fort Worth, TX. Her current city is Dallas, TX. She is currently dating a fellow Big Brother cast, Mark Jensen since 2017. Elena Davies first came to the limelight when she hosted Tinder Tuesdays. The fame followed a successful hosting which was on the show The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, a nationally syndicated radio show. Elena is best known for her showmance with former Bug Brother fellow contestant Mark Jansen. She was part of the house alliance of showmances that had blossomed for about one week. Cody formed the alliance but later went rogue where he nominated Paul Abraham and Christmas Abbot to be attempted backdoors. After that, Elena Davies abandoned Cody Nickson. She fell out with him, and along with a majority of his alliance, she proceeded to fly under the radar till the time when she was nominated HOH Josh Martinez. This was in week 6. Elena was nominated against Raven Walton was originally Josh's target. She also cursed Jessica Graf, but Jessica retaliated and insulted Josh. This was a bad omen to Elena as she stayed without votes for that period. After she and Mark joined hands to reconstruct a bridge with Cody and Jessica earlier in the game, their idea was heavily frowned at by the house something that bruised them later. She and Mark were marked as the next targets immediately after Cody was evicted in the first half of the first Double Eviction. However, Elena was later nominated as a pawn against Mark Jansen in the second half of the first Double Eviction. However, Mark won the PoV and went ahead to use it on himself. It was then that Elena became the main target where she ended up in an eviction from a 6 – 1 vote. She was placed 10th and ended up as the second member of the jury. As for her social life, the Big Brother fans know that Elena Davies and Mark Jensen took a huge step in their courtship. They have since moved in together to Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas. This came as a result of some changes that they confirmed their relationship was going through. During an interview with Life & Style, the lovers said that their relationship needed to undergo some changes. They confirmed that they had talked about them and decided on shacking up and come to a common ground. As Elena put it, they both had to figure out how they could compromise and save their love. Through the expected ups and downs, the lovers confirmed that they are ready to live together. Elena was quoted as saying that she is only waiting for Mark to toss the big question and bring the ring to her. Mark on his side says he has not been what he was before he met Elena. It is barely a long time since they came together, but he says he does not see his life without her. On her social media life, she has been nicknamed Selfie Queen due to her endless and stylistic photos and selfies that she posts on Instagram. Elena Davies Instagram keeps her closer to her fans. In total, the account has 264.6k followers. Her salary and total worth are not known for today. Shows: Big Brother, Dancing with the Star

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