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Jade Roper
Jade Roper is an American reality TV personality, model and cosmetics developer.
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19th of December, 1986 in Denver, Colorado, the USA
Jade Roper is an American reality TV personality, model and cosmetics developer. Popularly known as the sweet, soft-spoken contestant who was controversially rejected from The Bachelor, 19th Season and later starred in Bachelor in Paradise, 2nd Season, Jade Roper is a 31 year old American reality TV personality, model and cosmetics developer from Denver, Colorado. While her famous rejection from The Bachelor’s nineteenth season may keep her name in circles, there’s definitely more to keep up with this 31-year-old sweetheart. Jade Roper isn’t one to be held back by one controversial recap of her shady past – speaking about her ill-timed confession as a former Playboy model. After getting dismissed by Chris Soules on the show, she came back on her track and appeared in Bachelor in Paradise, Season 2, where she won and met the father of her baby girl, Emerson Avery. The show definitely did open doors for another romance as his now spouse, Tanner Tolbert, revealed during their first date on the show that he was completely in good terms with her past nude modeling. After much dates and cheesy proposal, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert tied the knot on the 24th of January 2016. 2 months after marriage since their arrival in Marriage Boot Camp, it turns out, however, that Jade definitely did not know much about Tanner quite as she had thought so. Before entering the show and married life, Jade kept herself busy with her career. Naturally Jade, an organic skincare makeup line which she created after extensive research and a $15,000 – venture, is what she considers as her most favorite accomplishment in her journey as an entrepreneur. She definitely took great advantage of her exposure on the series, not to mention her famous rejection by Soules, on the growth of her business. She attended culinary school and worked for some time as a phlebotomist, which she proclaimed as one of the strong factors that made her construct her very own patient-friendly makeup line. Raised in Gering, Nebraska by parents Kim and Laren, Jade Elizabeth Roper grew up carrying a traumatic emotional and sexual experience, which affected her relationship with Tanner and most importantly, with herself. As Jade and Tanner went on a rocky cliff just months after their marriage, more and more revelations about their buried traumas came clear in their relationship. In one of her meltdowns, she revealed about her mother’s emotional and verbal abuse as well as her confession of being a rape victim just before turning 17. Lack of connection, dull sex life, poor communication and other issues were some of her complaints which hindered her marriage with Tanner from working out. Her relationship with Tanner even went through a greater stir after the couple went through a lie detector test regarding Jade’s ongoing communication with her exes amidst being married to Tanner. The lie detecting machine proved her lying, worsening the situation. However, Tanner revealed in a prior interview – dates before their marriage were on rough waters - that keeping in touch with an ex-lover was acceptable as long as that former lover is already in another relationship. Things didn’t go as well as expected, and it only caused more ruckus on their marriage. Luckily, after much revelations and confrontations, the two managed to keep their marriage and Jade gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Jade Roper instagram definitely keeps those who have witnessed their blossoming relationship since Bachelor on Paradise until their rocky marriage in Marriage Booth Camp still in the loop. With every sweet post from Emerson Avery to her husband Tanner, she’s definitely keeping her family and career in one piece. Shows: The Bachelor (Season 19), Bachelor in Paradise (Season 2), Marriage Boot Camp

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