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Jamie Nicole Otis
Jamie Otis is an American actress, TV host, author, entrepreneur.
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15th of June, 1986 in New York City, New York, USA
Jamie Otis is an American actress, TV host, author, entrepreneur. Jamie Nicole Otis was born in New York City, USA. She is an American actress, popularly known for The Bachelor (2002), Honestly Amelia (2014), and Married at First Sight. She got married to Doug Hechelor in March 23, 2014, and since then, they have been together. They have one daughter – Henley Grace. A TV host, an entrepreneur, a registered nurse, and a vibrant American TV personality, Jamie Nicole Hehner, also known as Jamie Otis, was often recognized by many as the awkward girl after she started her television career on The Bachelor in 2002. However, that changed immediately when Jamie went back to film the hit TV show Bachelor Pad in the summer months of 2012. Jamie Otis Bachelor prepared her for greater shows, and now, she is one of the most renowned television personalities with thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Jamie Otis Married at first Sight was an important reality show that not only made Jamie more famous and successful in her career as a television personality, but it is also where she met her husband, Doug Hehner. Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner tied the knot in a colorful wedding in 2014 when they were acting in the first season of “Married at First Sight”. Besides on-air hosting duties at Star Shop and The Chef’s Connection, she also enjoys hosting fashion, charity and red carpet events. When she is not busy in entertainment, Jamie remains committed to her roots. She can be found in scrubs at the famous Columbia Presbyterian, which is the New York State’s hospital. She is a career woman. Apart from being a television host and star, Jamie Otis is a registered nurse, and she is working in the hospital’s labor and delivery section Jamie Otis thrives on helping other people. In fact, she gained custody of her younger siblings when she was only a freshman in college. After that Jamie became a qualified foster parent and she began to take care of children in foster care. She loves people and goes out to help them in many ways, and this is what makes her special and different from other celebrities. Jamie Otis’s latest undertaking has been coming out as an entrepreneur. She deals in fine jewelry and her business is growing steadily. Each piece of her jewelry is crafted and designed in New York City. Jamie dreams of becoming a great author. She is dedicated to realize this dream. From the look of things, nothing is going to stand on her way. Her first book “The Wifey 101: Everything I got Wrong After Finding Mr. Right” was published in June 2016. Being a first class television personality, an incredible actor, a successful entrepreneur, a nurse, an author, and a person who holds helping people very dear to her heart, Jamie Otis attracts followers from many different points of interests. This has made her a celebrity without the help of coming from a famous background, and she has a huge number of followers on her Instagram and Twitter. Just one look at Jamie Otis twitter @jamieotis shows that she is enjoying being a mother, and she loves her family with all her heart. She uses her account to share videos of her husband playing with their daughter and to express what she feels about current issues, marriage and love. If what Jamie Otis Instagram @jamieotis feeds try to portray is anything to go by, then she is actually having the time of her life as a married woman, a mother, a foster parent, an entertainer and a nurse. You can always see the photos of Jamie Otis baby on her Instagram and Twitter. Shows: The Bachelor (season 16), Bachelor Pad (season 3), Married at First Sight, The Chef’s Connection and Star Shop Movies: Honestly Amelia (2004)

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