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JoJo Fletcher
JoJo Fletcher is a real estate eeveloper, reality TV star, businesswoman.
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1st of November, 1990 Dallas, Texas, the USA
JoJo Fletcher is a real estate eeveloper, reality TV star, businesswoman. With her own company, pre-celebrity net worth of $500,000, and bubbly personality, it’s easy to see why Joelle JoJo Fletcher is so popular. Since becoming engaged to The Bachelorette’s Jordan Rodgers, JoJo has gained even more fans – although the wedding is still to take place. There’s no denying that The Bachelor finale in which Ben Higgins chose Lauren over bubbly Texan real estate developer JoJo Fletcher was one of the most gut-wrenching ever. While JoJo may have left Jamaica with a broken heart on The Bachelor, she didn’t give up hope of finding her Mr. Right – and what a Mr. Right he turned out to be! If things had worked out with Ben, we would never have had the chance to see JoJo Fletcher in The Bachlorette. Nor would we have had the envious pleasure of seeing JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers become the stunning couple that they are now. With a net worth of $500,000, this Dallas, Texas native and Baylor University graduate was successful in her own right long before she became a reality TV star. Not only does she have a great sense of humor and model looks, but she owns and runs JHF Realty Development. JoJo’s unique beauty is the combination of a white father from Tennessee and an Iranian mother. She’s also not the only reality star in the family: half-brother Ben Patton appeared on Ready for Love. Her family is unique in many ways, but also very close. She has two older half-brothers, Ben and Matt Patton, from her mother’s first marriage and a half-brother and –sister, Peter and Rachel Fletcher, from her father’s first marriage. Despite The Bachelorette ending with a proposal in 2016, fans have been disappointed that the JoJo Fletcher-Jordan Rodgers wedding has still not taken place over a year later. Instead, the couple have been taking their time getting to know one another better while living in her hometown of Dallas. However, this doesn’t mean that the wedding isn’t going to take place ever – just not right now. And, despite fans’ doubts that the wedding may never happen and questions about whether or not the couple are even still together, one look at JoJo Fletcher’s Instagram account (joelle_fletcher) shows that they’re still very much an item. There are several phots of the pair looking very cosy and content despite what naysayers may think. Another hot topic of interest is JoJo Fletcher’s hair. Since that moment she stepped out of a limo wearing a unicorn mask on The Bachelor, her luscious locks have been envied and her favorite hair products sought after by fans, particularly since her incredible style is all the result of her own work rather than pro hairstylists. Her beauty regime, makeup preferences and fashion are equally popular but this isn’t what dominates JoJo Fletcher’s Twitter feed. A quick glance through @JoelleFletcher, which is followed by 434 thousand fans, shows a sassy individual who is as well-loved by her fans as she is by her fiancé. She’s a vocal supporter of The Bachelor’s Becca whose story seems to resonate with JoJo’s own experience on the show, and uses the platform to voice her lack of approval of how girls tear one another down in the show. She also uses the site to share fans’ comments on the much-anticipated JoJo Fletcher and Jordan wedding and responses to other posts. There’s no missing how much this brown-haired, vivacious and athletic beauty is adored by fans – nor how much she enjoys interacting with others. The Grey’s Anatomy fan is an animal lover, who played basketball and volleyball in high school in addition to running track, breaks out in spontaneous dance when she’s anxious. She’s also a huge Taylor Swift fan and loves murder-mystery shows. Despite being from Dallas, JoJo admits that she doesn’t cope well with hot weather – but she is made about Chipotle! While the wedding date hasn’t been set, it’s hard to miss just how much fans are rooting for Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher to make it as a couple. Rodgers even commented in early 2018 how JoJo is starting to get “baby fever” – a comment that truly excited fans of the couple – but cautioned that marriage needs to happen first. However, he was quick to clarify that his plans for a family aren’t different from those of JoJo Fletcher – just the timing. In the meantime, the couple are just focusing on spending quality time together where their busy schedules allow. Wedding planning is still moving ahead, but it seems that this gorgeous couple are determined to keep their fans in the dark about when exactly they’ll be moving down that aisle to say the “I do”s that we’ve been waiting for since Rodgers first popped the question over a year ago. Shows: The Bachelor (Season 20), The Bachelorette (Season 12)

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