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Katherina (Kathy) Wakile
Kathy Wakile is an entrepreneur, actress, and author.
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4th of October, 1965 in New Jersey, the USA
Kathy Wakile is an entrepreneur, actress, and author. Kathy Wakile is a 52-year old entrepreneur, actress, and author born in New Jersey. She is the daughter of Maria Pierri. She is Married to Richard Wakile and is a mother of two children. Kathy Wakile is an entrepreneur, actress, and author of American-Italian descent. She was born on October 4, 1965, in New Jersey USA and named Katherina Pierri. She is the eldest child of Maria Pierri. Kathy is married to Richard Wakile. The two have been husband and wife since 1993. Kathy Wakile and her husband are parents to Victoria and Joseph. Kathy Wakile is best known for her role as a housewife in the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ reality TV show. She joined the reality show during the 3rd season in 2011. The show features her life and her family with highlights of Wakiles personal life and her parenting skills. Before joining the show, Kathy Wakile worked as a hair stylist. Besides working as a cast member for the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Wakile has featured on several other shows. These include The Devil's Filmmaker: Bohica where she played the role of a clown in 2003 and Home & Family in 2016. She also participated in Chopped as a contestant in 2015, Bethenny, Watch What Happens: Live, Big Morning Buzz Live, Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show and The Nate Berkus Show. Apart from film and reality TV shows, Wakile’s business prowess is manifested by different ventures she embarked on after joining the RHONJ cast. Goddess Eye Jewelry is an artisan crafted sterling silver products line she runs. A percentage of proceeds generated by sales of products in this line is donated to National Brain tumor Society and the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation. Kathy Wakile is passionate about brain tumor treatment since she has walked the journey with her daughter Victoria who suffered benign brain tumors at the age of 10 years and 20 years respectively. However, Victoria’s tumors were removed successfully. This experience created a passion for creating brain tumors awareness to the close-knit family and Kathy led the initiative. In addition, Wakile runs ‘Red Velvet Cosmo’ a ready to pour cocktail enterprise inspired by her love for red velvet cakes. Wakile also operates a dessert business called Dolci Della Dea that offers gluten-free dessert. Kathy Wakile enterprise has expanded soon after her debut in the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Thanks to popularity gained from the show, Wakile has seen a business opportunity, grabbed it, and implemented her business idea and now is able to market her products with great success. By April 2018, Kathy Wakile Instagram has 362 thousand followers, an indication of the size of her fan base. From Red velvet Cosmo to Dolci Della Dea, it is safe to say that Kathy Wakile is an expert on matters food. Basing from Kathy Wakile Instagram, you can tell that cooking and baking are her passion as she clearly states that she can only be found in two places: the kitchen and the beach. Actually, her baking skills were developed when she was a little girl. According to her website, she always had fresh cakes around her and always helped her mother bake. Kathy believes that desserts are best treat to enjoy. Being the great cook and entrepreneur, Wakile has made her lifelong dream to own a restaurant a reality by opening Pizza Love in partnership with her husband. The restaurant is picking up fast going by the Instagram followership it has garnered. To share cookery tips with the world, Wakile authored a cookbook called ‘Indulge’. Shows: The Devil's Filmmaker: Bohica, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Home & Family, Chopped, Bethenny, Watch What Happens: Live, Big Morning Buzz Live, Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show, The Nate Berkus Show

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