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Katherine Webb
Katherine Webb, is an American model, actress, beauty queen, and television personality
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25th of April, 1989 in Montgomery, Alabama, the USA
Katherine Webb, is an American model, actress, beauty queen, and television personality Born in 1989, Katherine Webb skyrocketed into the limelight with a successful modelling career. She is a beauty queen whose face has graced some of America's top magazines including Vanity Fair, along with countless TV appearances such as the ABC show, Splash. Webb is married to AJ McCarron and they have 1 kid. Who is Katherine Webb? Katherine Webb came into the world on the 24th of April 1989, born to Leslie and Alan Webb. The modelling powerhouse was born in Montgomery, Alabama but grew up in Columbus Georgia. She stands at a height of 1.8 meters and is crowned with brunette hair. Her eyes are coloured a piercing blue. Katherine Webb’s Education Katherine’s academic journey includes high school at North side High School, and Auburn University where she studied Business Administration and Management. To show that she has both beauty and brains, the 28-year-old diva successfully graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in 2011. Modelling Career Webb secured a trainee position as a director in Georgia while working on the side by taking up small modelling jobs. She decided to go pro in her modelling career, working with clients in such big cities as New York and Miami. Katherine Webb Pageant History Although fate has not been as kind enough as to grant her a national beauty pageant title, Webb has successfully scooped 1 state title, which is still a huge achievement. When Katherine was 18 in 2007, she finished 3rd in the Miss Georgia beauty pageant. 5 years later, in 2012, her beauty was finally rewarded in full when she grabbed the crown as Miss Alabama 2012. Lady Luck was smiling on the Georgia-born beauty queen. The same year, she finished in the top 10 during the Miss USA 2012 pageant. Webb and AJ McCarron In March 2014, Katherine Webb and McCarron announced their engagement and about 3 months later, they were married. During the interview with Vanity Fair, Webb revealed that people in Alabama call them ‘The Romeo and Juliet of Alabama’. They live in Phoenix City where they bring up their first daughter. The ‘Don't Marry Her AJ’ Graffiti In 2017, Katherine took to Twitter to share what she says was ‘savage graffiti’. In 2014, right after AJ proposed, a vandal wrote on the wall of Alabama University, ’Don’t Marry Her, AJ’. BCS National Championship game appearance While her modelling work has definitely familiarized her face to millions of Americans, it was her appearance on the BCS National Championship game that made Webb popular. Katherine was among the excited spectators of a 2013 BCS match. Her boyfriend, AJ McCarron, was a quarterback playing for Alabama. While the camera focused on Webb as she sat in the audience, commentator Brent Musburger remarked, “Lovely lady.” He then turned to his co-commentator and former quarterback adding, “How come you quarterbacks always get the gorgeous women?” Musburger's comment made Katherine popular overnight. Katherine Webb’s Twitter Prior to the Musburger comment, Katherine had 2000 followers on Twitter but the number swelled to 175,000 just the following day. Additionally, the search term ‘AJ McCarron’s girlfriend’ featured on Google Trends, having gotten 1 million searches in a day. Instagram Katherine Webb’s Instagram is filled with pictures of her cute family. She has 280,000 followers, which is not much for a woman with such fame. Her Religious Beliefs The 28-year-old beauty queen is a Christian and she lets the world know this in her Twitter posts. Webb frequently shares messages reaffirming her belief in the Christian faith with her followers. Shows: Miss Georgia USA 2008 pageant, Miss Alabama USA in 2012, Miss USA 2012 competition, ABC’s Splash.

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