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Kristina Schulman
Kristina Schulman is a fashionista, reality TV star and entrepreneur.
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16th of November, in Russia
Kristina Schulman is a fashionista, reality TV star and entrepreneur. A fashionista, reality TV star and entrepreneur, Kristina Schulman is an American of Russian descent who found her fame when she appeared on the Bachelor TV show. Although she was beaten by her other competitors, Kristina’s appearance on the show set her up for stardom, an opportunity she has utilized to start her own clothing brand. Who is Kristina? Born in Russia but raised in the United States, Kristina Schulman is a beautiful reality TV star best known for her role in The Bachelor in Paradise'. It is a reality TV show that premiered on ABC in March 2002. She has also tried her hand in entrepreneurship with an apparel line called SheLifts. Currently, Kristina Schulman resides in Lexington, KY where she works as a dental hygienist. Fame through the Bachelor The world came to know the beautiful fashionista on Bravo TV’s 'The Bachelor', where she competed with other bachelorettes for the affection of Nick Viall. The 28-year old was ejected from the show but returned in a Spin-off called Bachelor in Paradise. Kristina and her love triangle on the Bachelor Fireworks flew on The Bachelor in Paradise show when Kristina found herself in a love triangle that would result in her being evicted from the show. To Kristina and her fans, it was clear that Dean Unger would ultimately pick her. However, things changed when Dean cast his eyes on a newcomer, Danielle Lombard. The bachelor could not choose between the two women and in the end, neither of them won his heart. It was a third woman, Lesley Murphy that managed to get Dean on his knee, asking her to stay with him. Commenting on how she felt about Dean's decision to leave her for another woman, Kristina said she was not bothered by Dean’s romance with Lesley. She spent some time at a Russian orphanage Although Kristina’s life seems to be going great for her, things were not so rosy right out the gate. The 26-year-old was given up for adoption by her alcoholic mother, and she never got to know much about her entire biological family. Kristina has no kind words for her biological mother. She wrote, “I often wonder what was going on with her when she put me up for adoption, and whether alcohol was more important than her own kids.” Kristina Schulman’s adoption Writing in her Bachelor bio, Kristina fervently praised her adopted parents, saying they are the ones she admires most. The reality star was born in Russia but was surrendered to an orphanage. She stole the hearts of two Americans who adopted her and made her their daughter. Shulman has practically been in the United States her entire life and can no longer speak Russian smoothly. She has a passion for fashion Kristina Schulman’s Instagram is splashed with gorgeous photos that show that she is more attentive to fashion than the average woman. The reality star chose to make something out of her passion for fashion by starting her own clothing line called SheLift. The brand includes tank tops, T-shirts, and other clothing articles. She is obsessed with working out Being a gorgeous young woman in America, a nation plagued by obesity, Kristina has made it a point to look after her trim body. She has a regular exercise routine and is known for being picky when it comes to the food she munches on. Kristina Schulman’s Twitter Activity Kristina Schulman has a massive following on Twitter. She often shares her personalized thoughts on various issues, including how she feels about the outcome of the Bachelor show. In one of her tweets she wrote, “Had I known post-bachelor life would be this terrible, I wouldn't have ever applied.” And in another tweet that was clearly directed at Dean, she wrote, “Dean, I was not upset with you then… but now I am.” Shows: The Bachelor Reality Show, The Bachelor in Paradise

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