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Shawn Booth
Shawn Booth is an American reality TV star.
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18th of May, 1987 in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA
Shawn Booth is an American reality TV star. Shawn Booth was born in Windsor Locks, in the USA. He is not married, but has been engaged to Kaitlyn Bristowe since July 2015. Shawn Booth gathered most attention when Kaitlyn Bristowe chose him in 2015 as the best suitor in The Bachelorette final show. The finalist and winner of season 11 of The Bachelorette, Shawn Booth was not only a star at the time, but remains a popular figure among television viewers nowadays. We all watched Shawn Booth Bachelorette, and there is no denying that he is everything a woman can ask for in terms of looks, physique, talent and so on. Ever since he appeared in The Bachelorette, Shawn Booth has become a celebrity not only for acting like a star and winning the show, but also for his good looks, intelligence and physique. In fact, he was in the thought of every girl during and after winning the show. Every girl out there must be asking how old is Shawn Booth? You won’t be blamed for wanting to know every small detail about him anyway. After all, every girl sees him as the ideal man or “Mister Right” if you wish to call him so. He celebrated his 31st birthday on May 2018. A single glance at Shawn Booth Instagram posts and photos reveals a man deeply in love with Kaitlyn Bristowe. In one of his Instagram posts, Shawn describes his fiancé as a beautiful, intelligent, funny, and strong woman. Despite the fact that Shawn Booth can date and bed nearly every girl he wants, he is staying true to his love for his one and only Kaitlyn. There is no trace of doubt that Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are having the time of their lives. Shawn Booth is a smart brain. He graduated from Keene State College in New Hampshire. Before joining as one of the contestants in The Bachelorette, Shawn was working for an insurance company as a consultant. After winning the show he launched his own workout and meal plan programs – Healthy Meals Plan by Shawn Booth – for those who want to keep fit and healthy. Being a professional physique trainer, Shawn continues to help people eat healthy and keep fit. Kaitlyn supports her boyfriend in his pursuit for fitness. For lack of a better word, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are quite a couple. Shawn Booth meals coupled with an appropriate workout program will help you attain a lean body and improve your general health. Shawn Booth Snapchat is used regularly by him to share their photos with Kaitlyn Bristowe, to show off his style, and to promote the importance of fitness. Shawn is a family-oriented man. He often demonstrates this by showing his love and care for his parents and nephew on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and regularly posts pictures with them. When Shawn Booth Twitter feed is not about his love life or his pursuit for fitness, then it’s about his family, current issues, or his opinion about what’s going on. Good looks may come naturally to this superstar, but his mouthwatering physique is the result of a healthy diet and regular exercise. As we already know, Shawn Booth age is the right one for getting married. Having been engaged for 3 years already, we can only imagine where Kaitlyn and Shawn Booth are planning, whether they are getting married soon, or planning to stay engaged a little longer. However, one thing is for sure, the Kaitlyn Bristowe Shawn Booth union is headed for marriage sooner or later. Shows: The Bachelorette

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