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Stella Hudgens
Stella Hudgens is an American actress, model, singer and dancer.
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13th of November, 1995 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Stella Hudgens is an American actress, model, singer and dancer. Popularly known as Amanda in The Memory Thief and the younger sister of actress-singer Vanessa Hudgens, Stella Hudgens is an American actress, model, singer and dancer in Los Angeles, California, USA. There’s no best or worst feeling than having a celebrity sibling. You can surely acquire and enjoy the second-hand fame you’ve been passed down but you can also get easily overlooked in your sibling’s shadow. Luckily, Stella knows her way out from the ditch. It’s predictable to see the young lady in a similar spotlight as her older sister Vanessa is - she’s talented, attractive, hard-working and a boss of her own. And yet she may be dubbed as the total carbon copy of her older sister, Stella has long made a name of her own. A model, actress, singer, ballet dancer, fashion aficionado at the same time, a blogger - you can count a hundred reasons to love her. And speaking of such, one thing that stands out in this empowered young lady is her unconventional fashion statement. Coachella may brag of Vanessa Hudgens boho-chic fashion style, but Stella’s got it all covered – from chic to bohemian to classy, elegant look – her style is an evolving center stage. Thanks to her sister, she’s learned to continually explore different fashion inspirations that are too stylish to be missed. The fashion-enthusiast has also collaborated with Ooh La Luxe which showcases her stylish boho-inspired collection. Stella Hudgens is the daughter of Greg and Gina Hudgens who was born on November 13, 1995. Now living in Los Angeles, she did ballet for a long time and kicked her acting career at an early stretch. At the young age of 7, she made her TV debut and started to appear in numerous guest roles including the television series “According to Jim” and “American Family.” To name her a newbie would be total gibberish as the American celebrity has been rocking the stage even before the ruckus about her being Vanessa Hudgens’ younger sister came about. The Memory Thief in 2007 was the actress’ first-ever film where she played Amanda. By and by, she has managed to step away from her sister’s footsteps and proved her niche in acting. Besides, Stella washed all comparisons away in her impressive cameo on the movie Powerless, where she played Emma and which starred her sister Vanessa. Back in 2015, she joined familiar faces with recognizable ties from famous celebrities– Noah Cyrus and Alli Simpson – in a Mudd spring campaign. Admitting about the massive stress coming from her job as an actress, her “tête-à-tête” blog is luckily there to save her day. Stella Hudgens age is 22 years old with a mind that never sleeps. Though having a blog doesn’t completely save her from the eyes of the public, it’s a rather manageable vehicle to introduce her authentic self instead of seeing her identity pictured in another way. Surely, entertainment life is a pretty nerve-wracking thing to keep up with and the American actress is not excluded from any of these celebrity demands. Being on her blog is miles away from the flashes of the crowd and more like her private virtual open-diary. Through indulging in meaningful exchanges with people while regularly sharing her two cents under an umbrella of topics, her love for writing in the same way that she has for acting is positively highlighted. Though she still has a long way to go in the entertainment industry, she’s definitely started to carve her own name. Her strong presence explains her lofty 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Shows: 16 and Missing, Mr. Hollywood, The Memory Thief

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