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Tamara Judge
Tamara is an actress
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2nd of September, 1967 Glendale, California, United States
Tamra Sue Waddle is an acress. Tamra Sue Waddle (Tammie) was born in Glendale, California, in the USA. She has 4 children and since 15th of June 2013 has been married to Eddie Judge, her 3rd husband. Since joining The Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) in 2006 (season 3), Tamra Judge has been a true livewire, often getting herself into trouble with the things she says as she isn’t shy to speak her mind. She has been such a dynamic character that RHOC even gave her the first ever spin-off in September of 2013 when her eagerly anticipated third wedding, with all the preparations and the day itself, was allocated three entire episodes. At the age of 50, Tamra Judge certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing down either with her youngest child, daughter Sophia Barney, being just 12 years old. However, not all of Tamra Judge’s kids are still at the cute and adorable age and her four children are the result of two previous marriages. The two-time divorcee’s eldest child is son Ryan Vieth, whom she had with first husband Darren Vieth. The couple were married until 1990 and split when Ryan was just three years old. At the time of joining RHOC, Tamra Judge was married to her second husband, Simon Barney. Although this marriage only lasted 13 years (1998 – 2011), the pair have three children together: daughters Sidney and Sophia and another son, Spencer Barney. Tamra Judge’s daughter Sophia was born the year Tamra was introduced to the show. The couple have since split and it was Judge’s 15-month engagement to now third husband Eddie Judge that saw her truly catapulted to TV stardom. It hasn’t been an uneventful path to fame though. In mid-2017, Tamra Judge’s daughter Sidney lashed out with claims of abuse against her mother and announced that she was no mother to her. Judge tries to show herself as a mother who suffered estrangement from her daughter following her divorce from Simon Barney. However, the photos she posted of Sidney’s high school graduation drew a strong response from her daughter – so strong that Sidney told the world of the issues she has with her mother and why she doesn’t really talk to her mother. This in itself was unusual from the usually private Sidney. It’s clear that not all is as it seems in the relationship between mother and daughter despite what Tamra Judge’s Instagram and Twitter feeds try to portray as Sidney hates the publicity. Her recently changed Twitter handle (from @TamraBarney to @TamraJudge), however, seems to reflect her attempt to focus more on her family. With a pre-teen daughter and dozens of photos on Instagram (@tamrajudge) that show a seemingly much younger Tamra Judge, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s not even close to 50. Her pictures reflect a fun and vivacious individual who is likes photographing her life to share and is also enthusiastic about staying healthy and works out regularly. Despite her healthy lifestyle, though, she is not shy to admit that she’s had a bit of help to keep her youthful appearance. Tamra Judge’s facelift was such a major talking point with fans that she publicly acknowledged it and even explained why she chose to have a facelift before turning 50. She even posted the before and after pictures on her Instagram to share with followers. While she hadn’t originally intended on the full facelift, she changed her mind when she saw the results of her plastic surgeon’s work on one of the surgeon’s employees. Whatever the motivation for having it done, Tamra Judge looks amazing for her age and doesn’t seem to care who knows she’s had a little help. Perhaps she’ll seek a bit of help in repairing her fragile relationship with daughter Sidney – without the publicity though! Shows: (2) The Real Housewives of Orange County, Watch What Happens: Live, Tamra’s OC

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