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A Game Changer! The stickable photo tiles have transformed my dull walls into a beautiful mosaic of memories. Super easy to apply and they look fantastic!
Sarah W.
Absolutely Love It! I ordered a set of tiles and I'm amazed by the quality. The adhesive is strong, and my pictures look sharp. My living room now tells my story
David P.
Simple Elegance. The whole process was a breeze - from uploading my photos to receiving the tiles. They exude a simple elegance that adds a unique touch to my home
Laura M.
Great Value! I was skeptical about the pricing, but the quality exceeded my expectations. The discount for the upgraded quality was a fantastic deal!
Micheal R.
A Delightful Experience. From order to delivery, it was seamless. The joy of sticking my favorite memories on the wall is incomparable. Highly recommended!
Jsessica K

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We love seeing your beautiful Wallpics walls!

Albert Flores
Wade Warren
Kristin Watson
Marvin McKinney
Annette Black
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Savannah Nguyen
Theresa Webb
Theresa Webb
Brooklyn Simmons

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Framed Wall Pictures

Large Framed Wall Pictures & Canvas Prints - Wallpics

Create your story and make your wall the stage where it is told. Nothing complements a home as stylish and well-decorated walls. However, instead of using murals and plain-looking photos, why not consider beautifully crafted wood framed canvases. They will not only introduce more colors to your living space but also bring life to your walls. You can transform your space by turning your walls into an iconic stage with framed canvas prints.
Regardless of the size of your walls, you can be sure to find the perfect canvas prints that will work magic. At Wallpics, we provide the best quality canvas photo prints that will bring a new style and mood to your home. The great part is that you have the opportunity to create the look and vibe of the photo that you want to be printed. We offer the platform and the tools of creation. When you are done with your creation, we will print your project and deliver it to your home. Whether you want small prints or large framed wall art, we will deliver it to your doorsteps without any problems.

Four steps to creating memorable framed canvas prints

It is very easy to create memorable framed canvas prints and have them delivered to your doorsteps within a couple of days. You can imagine it as having a magic box that lets you create what you want. You can give free rein to your imagination. The tools you need to create the perfect framed canvas prints are available to you on the Wallpics platform. In four easy steps, you can create your project and place your order. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Select your photos
The first step is to select your favorite photos from your mobile device, PC, camera, or social media. The Wallpics platform works with most photo formats, so you do not have to worry about this part. You can choose any photo you want, including wedding, family group, and newborn pictures. When you have selected the photos, upload them to Wallpics to move to the next step.

Step 2: Edit your photos
This is the point where you can be as creative as you want. You can crop the photos that you have uploaded to remove the elements that you do not want to see. You can also add special effects to make the canvas stands out. At this stage, you also select the size that you want. You can choose a wrap option and framing design for your framed wall pictures. You will find numerous options of designs, colors, and sizes that you can opt for. You can also choose oversized framed wall art to make your wall attracting more attention.

Step 3: Submit an order
When you have created the canvas design that you want, you can proceed to review your creation. Be sure to see that you have chosen the right frame to fit the colors of your walls. If you are choosing wood framed canvases, you should check their design to be sure they are perfect for your space. When you are done with this, you can submit your design and place your order. You will get a confirmation that your order has been received. Now, you can relax and wait for your delivery.

Step 4: Receive your framed canvas wall art
After your place your order, the Wallpics team will print a high-definition canvas based on your request. The quality control team will monitor the print and framing to ensure it meets the expected quality standards. When the production has been completed, the team will package your order and get it ready for delivery. You don't have to worry that your framed canvas photos will get damaged en-route. Our team takes extra precautionary measures when packaging the order for optimum protection. Within a few days, you will receive your order.

How long can cheap framed wall art last?

The framed canvas wall art from Wallpics can last a lifetime. It does not fade or disintegrate. It also does not require any major maintenance to keep it in optimal shape. You also do not have to worry that it will cause damage to your walls. That's all thanks to the special two-sided adhesive. Our cheap framed wall art is only cheap in terms of price. When it comes to quality, it is top-notch.
This means that your framed canvas wall art can last as long as you want. All you need is to keep it away from dust and moisture. If you think dust is settling on it, you just have to wipe it down with a rag and it will return to its ideal condition. We also understand that you might want to move out of your home and need to pack your framed wall pictures. You only need to carefully package them so that they are protected. When you want to hang them in your new place, just bring them out and hang them on the wall again. It does not require any special skills to install these pictures. Additionally, if water pours on them, do not fret. All you have to do is ventilate them and let the water dry. Water will not affect your framed canvas wall art in any way.


Framed canvas photos are a new design idea that people use to decorate their walls. It doesn't matter the size or color of your walls, this beautiful wood-framed canvas will be perfect on any wall. Do you have some pictures that you would like to have on your walls? Wallpics is an excellent platform to realize this idea. We offer high-quality canvas print at the best price. Just select the photos from your collection, upload them to Wallpics, and then place an order. After fast delivery, you can finally decorate your walls and change the atmosphere in your rooms.