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A Game Changer! The stickable photo tiles have transformed my dull walls into a beautiful mosaic of memories. Super easy to apply and they look fantastic!
Sarah W.
Absolutely Love It! I ordered a set of tiles and I'm amazed by the quality. The adhesive is strong, and my pictures look sharp. My living room now tells my story
David P.
Simple Elegance. The whole process was a breeze - from uploading my photos to receiving the tiles. They exude a simple elegance that adds a unique touch to my home
Laura M.
Great Value! I was skeptical about the pricing, but the quality exceeded my expectations. The discount for the upgraded quality was a fantastic deal!
Micheal R.
A Delightful Experience. From order to delivery, it was seamless. The joy of sticking my favorite memories on the wall is incomparable. Highly recommended!
Jsessica K

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We love seeing your beautiful Wallpics walls!

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Photo Tiles

Cheap Stickable Photo & Picture Tiles - Wallpics

It happens. You look at the interior decoration of your sweet home and feel something is wrong. Something is missing. Something is out of place. So on and so forth. Probably you just want to change a detail in the interior? No more words, because interior design is not about text, it is all about visual, about what you see.
How about using photo tiles to decorate your adorable place or custom design tiles that can be hung on the wall without nails or screws? Wallpics offers such a thing. Let us introduce it.
First of all, how it works step by step:

1. Find a place in the house you want to change. Bedroom, living room, corridor – this can be any space in your apartment.

2. Think about what you want to bring to this place: warm atmosphere to the kitchen, nostalgic mood to the bedroom or fresh nature vibe to the hall.

3. Choose photos and pictures (according to your idea) from your PC or smartphone and upload them to Wallpics.

4. Arrange them in the way you like and place an order.

That's all. Truly. The rest will be handled by a team of professionals of Wallpics. Just a few days and personalized picture tiles will be delivered (for free!) right to your house. If you are in doubt about which ideas you can implement, we provide a few special tips (just for you) to restyle space in your home.

Photo Wall Tiles to Emphasize the Features of Your Room

• Children's room
Let's start with the children's room. Photo wall tiles can become a good place of memory for your child and you. Select the best photos (portraits would be great) of your child from infancy to the current time. After you receive high-quality photo tiles from Wallpics, place them vertically in chronological order on the wall in the children's room. As an option, you can think of adding extra pictures around the main ones to create a more complicated, interesting, and warm composition. It can be the photos of your child's favorite places or portraits of adored characters from various fairy tales (actually, you should pick the things your child loves). Such a thing as a gift for a birthday, Christmas or New Year will surely please your kid for a while.

• Hall
How about upgrading your hall? This is the room, which first meets your guests. It makes an impression, sets the tone to further acquaintance with the house, and meets you after a hard day at work. After all, home is the place to return to. The idea is pretty simple. Take a series of photos where you grimace with very different emotions on your face. Order cheap photo tiles from Wallpics and hang them on the wall in the hall. Even after a very difficult day, when you return to your home, you will see the photos where you smile sincerely and your mood will get better. Of course, your dear guests will appreciate your grimace skills (you don't have to be a great actor).
This idea is not only for music fans but also for music enjoyers. Imagine your private cabinet where you can work in a calm atmosphere. Modern design, convenient table and chair, startling sofa, and music player that plays your most liked compositions. Let's emphasize the vibe of the room with the help of picture tiles. Select cover artworks of your favorite albums, singles and concert collections (it is a kinda piece of art, right?). Then submit it to Wallpics, get it after a few days of delivery, and place it anywhere you see fit. And finally, enjoy yourself, enjoy music, enjoy pictures on your walls. After all, it is all just for you.

Photo Wall Tiles Are Absolutely Safe for Your Walls

You can hang photo or picture tiles anywhere without using a single screw or nail. In other words, it doesn't cause any damage to the walls in your house. And at the same time, it is pretty easy to use. It is designed with sticky double-sided adhesives that never will leave any dirty mark on the wall. Moreover, you can move them from wall to wall or even from room to room as you want.

Improve Your Room, Improve Yourself

Changing the look of your room involves more than choosing the best photos and then hanging them on the walls. This is a much more complicated way. The path you upgrade the space around is the way you upgrade yourself at the same time.
As a photographer, when you think about composition and try to catch the best shot.

• As an interior designer, when you produce a plan of future changes in the room (color scheme, furniture arrangement) and how photo tiles will fit the whole composition.

• As a creative director who creates more fresh ideas to bring the breeze to the room.

• As a photo editor who is bringing the material to a brilliant condition.

Going through this way, you will find yourself not only in a new unexpected stylish room, but also in a new yourself.

Final Thoughts

In the contemporary world we live in, when it comes to changing something in our living space, there are truly a lot of different possibilities. Progress does not stand still. You can literally try something new every day. 3D printers, soft for interior design, photo wallpapers, and so on. So try cheap photo tiles. Combining your desires, creativity and preferences with science achievements and trends, Wallpics gives you a great opportunity to manage area you live in as you want. With the help of our support team you can bring any idea to life. It has never been so easy and convenient. Bring fresh air to your sweet home with Wallpics!