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A Game Changer! The stickable photo tiles have transformed my dull walls into a beautiful mosaic of memories. Super easy to apply and they look fantastic!
Sarah W.
Absolutely Love It! I ordered a set of tiles and I'm amazed by the quality. The adhesive is strong, and my pictures look sharp. My living room now tells my story
David P.
Simple Elegance. The whole process was a breeze - from uploading my photos to receiving the tiles. They exude a simple elegance that adds a unique touch to my home
Laura M.
Great Value! I was skeptical about the pricing, but the quality exceeded my expectations. The discount for the upgraded quality was a fantastic deal!
Micheal R.
A Delightful Experience. From order to delivery, it was seamless. The joy of sticking my favorite memories on the wall is incomparable. Highly recommended!
Jsessica K

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We love seeing your beautiful Wallpics walls!

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Wall Picture Tiles

Photo & Picture Tiles for Wall - Wallpics

Choosing the right picture frame is very important when decorating your walls. Of course, it can be a little overwhelming given the many options available. You have to consider the materials, design, frame finishes, and display style. Also, do not forget about the color scheme of the walls. Sometimes, the whole process seems intimidating, so due to this fact, many people refuse to start a project.
Well, now the Wallpics platform takes its turn. You do not have to physically choose your frames and go from store to store to find the perfect one. Right on our website, you can create your picture frames using different combinations of arrangements, colors, and sizes. Instead of being a tedious task, it is interesting to create your wall picture tiles on our site. From your convenient home or office, you can create the ideal picture frames as you want with your personal or family photos. You can also use simple abstract images to make stunning designs to be printed and hung on your wall.

How to create wall pictures frames for your photos?

The frame design gives your images a fresh and stylish touch. It offers an amazing way to make your memories of loved ones a natural part of your space. You can call up memories simply by looking at the picture frames on your walls. If you also want to create a special place in your space for someone you love, using wall picture tiles is a great way to do this. When it comes to creating wall picture frames on the Wallpics website, you can count on a time of fun.
Everything you need to create the best picture frames design is available on the platform. You should upload the photos you want to have in your frames and use the available tools to create your design. You can select your preferred frame from a wide variety of frame styles, colors, and shapes. You will find the ones that seem to be simple but stylish. They come in different sizes. You can also find others that are fancifully designed and vivid. It all depends on the theme of your space and the mood you want to express. A variety of frames has been curated to give your interior an exceptional décor.

How to choose styles and colors for wall picture tiles?

Color and style are everything when it comes to interior décor. Everything must complement each other with nothing trying to overshadow one another. Therefore, when choosing the style and color of your wall picture tiles, you should consider the space where you want to place the frames. One important tip is to choose contrasting colors. It will emphasize and focus attention on the picture. For instance, if you have a bright wall, you should consider using a black picture tile or frame for a strong contrast. On the other hand, if you have a dark wall, using a silver or white frame or tile would be the perfect addition to your space.

How to choose the right size for wall picture frames?

It is important to choose the right frame size when creating your wall picture frames for photos. You must consider your wall size and how you want the frame to be hung on it. Since you will be doing most of the creation yourself, it is critical to understand how to choose the right option. When you start your creation on Wallpics, you can look out for the size guide to know how to choose the right canvas size. However, we will point out some important things that you should know.

• The understanding of your space is important
This point cannot be overemphasized. You must consider your wall space before you choose a frame size. Are you placing the picture tiles above your study desk or on your living room wall? Will you prefer to have many smaller photo tiles or a few bigger ones? All these points will determine your decision when choosing your picture frames.

• What photos are you planning to use?
For instance, if you are printing a large family photo on the picture tile, a smaller picture frame may not do justice to the idea. Rather, printing the picture on a large canvas will ensure that everyone's face and smiles show clearly on the print. For this, a simple, thin frame or tile will be excellent. With a thin frame, there would not be any competition between the frame and the image. Instead, such a frame will be a complement to the family photo. A simple image, on the other hand, will look nice in a more intricate or thicker frame.

• Measure your walls
Before you start creating your photo collection on the Wallpics website, take your time to measure the space where you will place your picture frames. With this, it will be easier for you to select the right frames and tiles for your wall. Wallpics offers the right tools that you need to make your creation.

How to create your wall picture tiles in 3 steps?

Just see how many steps you need to take to get your picture wall tiles.
Step 1: Upload your pictures and images to the Wallpics platform.
Step 2: Edit and resize the photos. You can arrange them into a collage and also add texts and colors to the pictures. Choose your frame or tile design.
Step 3: Review the design you have created and submit it. Place your order for the print and wait for the delivery.
That is all. After you place your order, you can expect your delivery within a few days.


You can turn beautiful memories and stunning scenes into an amazing home or office décor. The right picture tile or frame can add colors to your space or make the existing one pop out. At Wallpics, you can re-create your memories in a unique style and have them adorn your home or office walls or desk. Just select your favorite pictures, upload them to Wallpics, place an order, and have your wall picture tiles just in a few days.