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High Quality Photo Tiles That Stick & Re-Stick

Bring your walls alive. Keep adding, changing and re-arranging.

Your pictures, your walls, no nails

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Customer Reviews

Tonya Bartell

I picked our baby photos to be printed on Wallpics, and they came out amazing! Im so glad I chose this service.

Mary Christensen

Wallpics are just amazing! I now have endless memories from our perfect new baby party photos.

Mary Legere

Got my Wallpics today, so excited. Great quality product, I’m really impressed!!
Now all I have to do is understand where to stick all our baby photos

Ashley Valdez

Well Done Wallpics, I just love our beloved pets photos on our walls. The website and the service are just perfect. I would definitely be ordering here again.

Deborah Costner

At first I didn’t know what to expect from this website, but 5 days later, my Wallpics have arrived and I’m obsessed. I have just finished hanging all our pets photos on our walls and it literally cannot be any better! LOVE it!

Celia Obrien

I just love our Honeymoon photos on my wall. The website and the service are just perfect

Dortha Rushton

In just 5 minutes, I have got all our family photos in the place they belong. Stuck to my wall and now I am in LOVE!

Annie Turman

I picked our anniversary photos to be printed on Wallpics, and they came out amazing! Im so glad I chose this service.

Personalized Canvas Prints & Wall Art - Wallpics

Home Sweet Home. More precisely, the interior of a house can be a good form of representation of its owner. Is the house in good condition? Does it look good? The answers to these questions may partially describe the homeowner. So it is not unusual to strive to create a cozy home with individual zones. Personalized canvas prints will surely help you with this task.
To create a personalized space in your home, you need to follow a few steps. Think about the room you want to turn into your own personal area. It's not just about your personal space where you know every corner and remember the places for each pen. It is also about the room that will represent its owner; the space that will represent you as a person with taste and a sense of style. Let's say this is your bedroom. Just imagine it. Then choose several pictures that probably illustrate you as a person from your Smartphone or PC and upload them to Wallpics. Adjust, crop, and improve them and make an order. Delivery is free and surprisingly pretty fast. After receiving your personalized canvas prints, you can begin to work with the space in your room in order to create a new atmosphere there.

Choose the Right Room

There is no ideal variant, all depends on a person. This can be a soft living room, a cozy dining room, a quiet bedroom, and a convenient bathroom. Perhaps this is a question that you need to answer yourself. It definitely should be a room where you are a frequent guest. It should be a room that you really want to change to make it your own place. And of course, personalized canvas prints must be suitable for it. So just think about it and make a decision.

Bring Your Personality to Your Favorite Room

This is just one of the options for what you can do with personalized canvas prints. It may sound a little tricky. But this is not the case. The idea is to create a collage of many photos that combine to form your portrait. There are a lot of sites on the Internet that will practically professionally help you with this task. Just take a picture in very good resolution and upload it to the website. Then edit it according to your tastes. How about using a sepia or black and white effect? Reverse colors or add saturation and reduce contrast. Make your photo portrait look like a cover art of David Bowie’s album.  And in the end, cut it into equal parts.
Now upload the fruit of your efforts to the Wallpics website or app. Here you can do the last modifications and then place your order. With free and pretty fast delivery right to your doorstep, you can bring your project to life in just a few days. Relax and wait. Finally, you can hang personalized canvas art on the wall in your favorite room. Everyone who sees it will definitely be surprised and become interested in a conversation about such artwork. It is a great decision that will definitely change the atmosphere in the room. If this idea seems too narcissistic, you can do this not for yourself, but for a loved one. Repeat the above-mentioned steps but with the photos of your family member and present it as a birthday, Christmas, or New Year’s gift.

Create Your Personal Romantic Story

Another interesting option to personalize one of the rooms in your house is to create an installation related to your spouse and you. Or it is better to say, related to your love. It can be personalized canvas prints with the photos, which will cover all your romantic life, from the first meeting to your wedding day. Try to use the photos that your spouse has never seen before (probably ask your friends to borrow such pics) or even hand-made drawings about your love (just photograph it with a high resolution). Upload them to Wallpics, adjust them, and make a purchase.
When your order arrives, hang it on your bedroom wall and a delightful anniversary gift is ready. Before you invite your loved one, dim the light, turn on pleasant, unobtrusive music, and when your spouse comes, you just need to say such important words from the bottom of your heart. A personal account for you and your spouse is ready. After all, if you want to show it to someone else, you can invite the guests and do it. Everyone will see that love lives in your home.

Don’t Worry About Damage

Most types of wall décor require that you use nails or something like that. However, with Wallpics, you will never cause any damage to your precious walls because it uses just adhesive. And when you want to replace or remove your personalized canvas prints, you can do it without leaving any undesirable marks. Just move it from one wall to another. The important point is that you do not need any professional help for this task. It is easy to do it yourself.


When it comes to personalizing your living area, Wallpics is a responsible helper, which facilitates the process as much as possible. All you need is just aggregate your creativity, desire, personal qualities and your photos. Wallpics will take care of the rest. Personalized canvas prints will be delivered just to your door. Customize your room to increase its attractiveness and then use it with a great feeling of pleasure. Show it to other people to make them understand who you are just because they feel the vibes of your bedroom. After all, it is nice to have a room with a personal design decision. Changes in your personality can lead to changes in your room. But who knows, maybe changes in your room will someday affect you to change something in your life.