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High Quality Photo Tiles That Stick & Re-Stick

Bring your walls alive. Keep adding, changing and re-arranging.

Your pictures, your walls, no nails

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Customer Reviews

Tonya Bartell

I picked our baby photos to be printed on Wallpics, and they came out amazing! Im so glad I chose this service.

Mary Christensen

Wallpics are just amazing! I now have endless memories from our perfect new baby party photos.

Mary Legere

Got my Wallpics today, so excited. Great quality product, I’m really impressed!!
Now all I have to do is understand where to stick all our baby photos

Ashley Valdez

Well Done Wallpics, I just love our beloved pets photos on our walls. The website and the service are just perfect. I would definitely be ordering here again.

Deborah Costner

At first I didn’t know what to expect from this website, but 5 days later, my Wallpics have arrived and I’m obsessed. I have just finished hanging all our pets photos on our walls and it literally cannot be any better! LOVE it!

Celia Obrien

I just love our Honeymoon photos on my wall. The website and the service are just perfect

Dortha Rushton

In just 5 minutes, I have got all our family photos in the place they belong. Stuck to my wall and now I am in LOVE!

Annie Turman

I picked our anniversary photos to be printed on Wallpics, and they came out amazing! Im so glad I chose this service.

Multi Panel Wall Art Picture Prints - Wallpics

Changes in life can start with changing the environment in your sweet home. Wall art prints are an unexpected and good way of changing. Restyle one corner or a single wall in any room in your house (for example, kitchen, living room, or bedroom) and you might be able to figure out what to do with the rest.
If you want something more presentable and grandiose, please consider multi panel wall art. It will be a visible section of the wall that will appeal to you, your family, or your guests. Good news for you, today it is absolutely unnecessary to use some stranger’s photos and drawings. Instead, you have the possibility to use your carefully kept photo collection. Simply select your favorite works and then upload all of them to Wallpics. Here you have strong tools to adjust your photos. Now submit them. If you are in trouble, the Wallpics team will help you resolve all your issues. And finally, place your order. Delivery is free and fast. Just several days of waiting and your pre printed canvases are on the threshold of your house. Now you have a great opportunity to change the atmosphere in your home.

Your First Steps

Take a look around. Are you satisfied with your apartment? With its appearance? With its atmosphere and vibe? Even if you are pleased in general, probably you want to change something, for example, any small detail or one of the rooms. Find what you want to change. And when this goal is achieved, think about how to change it. Got the idea? Take your Smartphone or PC and find the photos and drawings that will fit. If there is nothing suitable in the collection, you can take your camera and go to find something interesting through the viewfinder.
So now the necessary photos are in your hands. Let’s upload all of them to Wallpics. Be sure to have these photos in high resolution because it will guarantee the high definition of future wall art prints. Here you can crop, fit, and improve your selected pictures. When everything is ready, you can place an order. As mentioned, delivery is free and very fast. Enjoy your pre printed canvases in just a few days.

Wall Art Prints Properties

It is very important to choose the right room in which you will organize your multi panel wall art. Various options are possible: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office. Which of these rooms will be chosen to be brighter and warmer? No matter what a choice as you can definitely always change your place.
There is no need to spend your precious time to hang pre printed canvases on the wall. You don’t have to drill a hole or use a hammer and nails. Wallpics frees you from this job. Just take pre printed pictures and stick them on the walls. Don’t worry, because the special adhesive ensures that they stick firmly and permanently. And remember, you can move your pictures to another place at any time. The special adhesive will never leave any unwanted mark on the wall.

Placement of Your Multi Panel Wall Art

You have got your pre printed photos and already know their important proprieties. This is an ideal moment to start changing the rooms in your house. What should it be? For example, it can be the kitchen where you can create multi panel wall art with the photos of your family members. Great idea! Just imagine the dinner with the whole family, cozy environment, trivial conversation, and enjoyable photos on the wall. The pictures, which will warm your heart after an extremely hard day, will recall precious memories and motivate you to talk about important things.
Or how about creating an installation with photos of your pet in the living room? It can be the whole palette of emotions of your doggie just in several photos. It's nice to look at them to distract yourself. And can you imagine how your pet will react after seeing these photos? In addition, it is a very good point to brag about. Invite your neighbors and surprise them (but don’t forget to treat the guests with a cup of hot coffee or tea).
Another idea is to upgrade your bathroom. Make it a place where nature exists. Use photos or drawings of astonishing landscapes, wild animals, and various plants and arrange them into multi panel wall art. It's as if nature itself comes to your home to live here. Alternatively, you can listen to favorite music or even an album with sounds of nature to emphasize the atmosphere. After taking a bath, you are sure to get a pleasant mood and fresh thoughts.
The world around us is a real treasure box of ideas. You can find inspiration in your loved ones or in your favorite books, movies and music. You can just open the gallery on your phone or search for images on the Internet to find various things that are likely to inspire you to create projects with Wallpics. All you need is just around. Open your mind. Feel free to come up with something daring and novel. All the instruments are in your hands.


Whether you live in a large palace or a small apartment, live alone or have a very big family, if you want to customize the space around you, you have all the options you need to do so. Multi panel wall art is an ideal choice for you. It will allow you to decorate the walls with the photos of your loved ones and the best moments of your life. Just select the pictures, upload them, and leave the rest to Wallpics. An excellent team of professionals will do everything at the highest level. Change your room, change your house