Interactive Wall Art: Creating a Wallpics Gallery Your Guests Can Contribute To

Imagine transforming a simple gathering into a memorable experience by inviting your guests to be part of creating a dynamic and interactive piece of art. A Wallpics display offers just that opportunity, turning an ordinary wall into a collaborative canvas. This concept not only beautifies your space but also engages your visitors in a unique and personal way.

By setting up a Wallpics display that allows guests to add their own photos, you're not just decorating a room; you're compiling memories and moments that breathe life into your gatherings. Such a setup encourages creativity, conversation, and connection, making every event at your home a shared adventure in storytelling.

Planning Your Display

Choosing the Right Spot

Selecting the perfect location for your Wallpics display is crucial. Ideally, it should be in a central area where your guests naturally gather-think living room, dining area, or hallway leading to the main entertainment space. This spot needs to be accessible and visible, encouraging interaction and contribution from everyone. A well-lit location with natural light can enhance the visual appeal of the photos, making the wall come alive throughout the event.

Gathering Supplies

To create a dynamic Wallpics display, you will need a few basic supplies:

  • Wallpics Photo Frames: These specially designed frames allow for easy sticking and resticking on the walls without causing damage.
  • Adhesive Materials: Ensure you have enough adhesive strips or putty, keeping in mind the Wallpics' unique repositionable feature.
  • Instant Camera/Photo Printer: Offering guests the option to snap photos during your event and print them out on the spot adds an exciting, interactive element. It transforms the experience from simply viewing to actively contributing.
  • Decorative Elements (Optional): Consider adding decorative elements around the Wallpics display, such as string lights or small potted plants, for an extra layer of aesthetic appeal.

Preparing the Space

Before setting up your Wallpics display, it's crucial to prepare your wall correctly to support the frames and protect the wall's surface. Here are simplified tips for different types of walls:

Painted Walls and Wallpapers

  • Cleaning: Wipe the wall with a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dust, ensuring adhesives stick well without damaging the surface.
  • Protection: On wallpapers, place a small piece of painter's tape before the adhesive for an extra layer of protection.

Brick and Textured Walls

  • Surface Consideration: Use command hooks for rough surfaces where adhesives may fail. These provide a secure hold and are easy to remove.
  • Positioning: On uneven surfaces, aim to place frames on the flattest parts for stability.


  • Weight Distribution: Use extra adhesive strips to evenly distribute weight and avoid strain on the wall.

Layout Design

Designing your Wallpics layout in advance ensures a cohesive appearance:

Central Theme or Shape

  • Create a Central Point: Start with a central shape or theme (e.g., heart, circle) as the focal point, guiding guests on where to add their photos.
  • Outline with Painter's Tape: Clearly mark the shape with painter's tape for visual guidance, easily removable post-event.

Grid or Freeform

  • Grid Layout: For a structured appearance, plan a grid, marking specific photo spots with a pencil or temporary putty dots.
  • Freeform Arrangement: Begin with a few frames and let guests fill in the space organically for a unique, creative display.

Encouraging Participation

Making It Known

To ensure your interactive Wallpics gallery becomes the highlight of your event, it's essential to create anticipation among your guests. Here are succinct ways to get everyone on board:

  • Invitations: Stir excitement early by mentioning the Wallpics gallery in your invitations. Suggest that guests consider a photo to contribute, setting the stage for engagement.
  • Signage: Utilize elegant signage or a chalkboard near your Wallpics display to offer contribution instructions. Matching the event's theme, these signs gently encourage participation.
  • Verbal Announcement: Kick off the event with a brief announcement about the gallery. Highlight its role in creating collective memories and underline the community aspect of this unique art piece.

Facilitating Creativity

Enhance the photo-contributing experience with creative aids that spur guest interaction:

  • Mini Photo Booth: A themed photo booth with props near the Wallpics display adds a fun twist, allowing guests to create memorable snaps.
  • Themed Accessories: Offer props aligning with your event's theme to inspire guests to make themed photo contributions.
  • Creative Prompts: Distribute creative prompt cards near the display to spark imagination, encouraging guests to think outside the box with their photos.

Maintaining the Display

Ongoing Contributions: Managing New Photos During the Event

During your event, guests will likely be inspired to add new photos to the Wallpics display as the celebration unfolds. To streamline this process, ensure there is a simple, accessible system for printing these photos. You can set up a small printing station equipped with a wireless printer, allowing guests to send pictures from their smartphones directly to the printer. Encourage participants to add their freshly printed memories to the Wallpics display, expanding the collective visual story of the event in real-time.

Adjusting and Expanding the Display

As more memories are added to the Wallpics display, both during the event and at future gatherings, adjustments might be necessary to accommodate the growing collection. Here are tips for seamlessly integrating new photos:

  • Flexibility: Design your display with expansion in mind. Leave space around the initial layout to allow for additional frames without overcrowding. This foresight will make adding new photos a hassle-free process.
  • Rearrangement: Periodically, take a step back to evaluate the overall look of the display. If it begins to feel cluttered or unbalanced, don't hesitate to rearrange frames. Since Wallpics are designed to be easily movable, this can be a quick and enjoyable activity.
  • Thematic Sections: Consider organizing the display into sections based on themes, occasions, or even color schemes. This not only makes the wall visually appealing but also creates a chronological or thematic storyline that viewers can follow.
  • Seasonal Updates: For a dynamic display that reflects the passing of time, periodically update the Wallpics display to highlight recent events or seasons. This keeps the display fresh and engaging, inviting viewers to revisit it frequently.
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