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Alexandrea Garza
Alexandrea Garza is an American YouTuber and beauty expert.
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1st January, 1992 in Tennessee, USA
Alexandrea Garza is an American YouTuber and beauty expert. Alexandrea Garza, commonly known by the name Alex Garza, is an American YouTuber and beauty expert. She is famous for her YouTube beauty tutorial videos. Garza also has an experience in working as a prestige manager at Ulta Beauty and then she worked as an Arch Expert at Benefit Cosmetics. She has a huge fan base of 280 thousand followers on Instagram and YouTube. You can also follow her for all beauty and fashion-related tips and tricks. Alex Garza was born under the name of Alexandrea Garza in Tennessee. Later her parents moved to Michigan where she did her schooling at a Catholic school for her K-12 education. Then, she went to a cosmetology school and earned her degree in cosmetic science. She was always interested in makeup and the art of developing various kinds of makeup products. After her graduation, Alex went on and became the prestige manager at Ulta Beauty, which is one of the most famous cosmetic brands in the world. Later, she joined Benefit Cosmetics, another leading company in the sphere of cosmetics, as an Arch Expert. However, she wanted to share her knowledge of makeup and styling with the other people and hence she created a YouTube channel. Alex Garza created her YouTube channel in 2010 and she has been posting videos on a variety of subjects, such as styling, makeup tutorials, favorites, and other personal vlogs about her current life and work. She has gained a huge audience through her YouTube channel where the number of her subscribers exceeds 749 thousand. The girl is also very active on Instagram where she posts a similar kind of content along with things about her daily life and her work. She has over 280 thousand followers on Instagram. When it comes to Twitter, she has over 13 thousand followers. Considering the number of followers she has, Alex Garza is a very influential person. Most of her audience consists of teenagers and young adults. She has also collaborated with a lot of other famous YouTube vloggers such as Cicily Boone to create makeup, lifestyle and other kinds of videos. Not much is known about Alex Garza’s personal life except that she is married. She married her longtime boyfriend, Michel Maddalena, whom she has known since childhood, in 2015. Michel is also a YouTuber and a really famous one. They both also have a joint YouTube channel called ALEXandMICHAEL. The channel has over 170 thousand subscribers. They posted the entire video of their marriage on the channel. On this channel, they post videos about their personal life and many other couples things. They also post many travel videos which are extremely loved by their subscribers. Alex Garza has a talent for creating videos and posts that have a huge impact on her followers and subscribers. Her tutorials are easy to understand and relate. This is what makes her a successful and famous YouTube personality. Alex Garza is a licensed cosmetologist and also a professional makeup artist. She is famous, successful and loved by her fans and followers. She is very young and we can see a huge career ahead of her. We would like to see more of her lifestyle and beauty videos on her own channel and the other one, which she shares with her husband. Alex Garza has influenced a lot of people through her videos and we would like to see her doing it again. YouTube channels: Alexandrea Garza and ALEXandMICHAEL

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