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Alexandria Danielle Deberry
Allie Deberry is an American actress and model.
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26th of October, 1994 in Houston, Texas, USA
Allie Deberry is an American actress and model. Allie Deberry is an American actress who has gained popularity for her appearance on Disney’s A.N.T. Farm as Paisley Houndstooth. Allie was born in Houston, Texas, USA. She has 2 older siblings. After playing Paisley Houndstooth on Disney Channel Series A.N.T. Farm, Allie Deberry has become a prominent figure not only among the TV audience, but also in the fashion industry. As a determined actress, Allie Deberry needed just a short time to become the center of attention. Allie knew she needed attention for her to thrive exceptionally in her acting career. And when she got a chance, the girl made use of it. From May 2011 to March 2014, Allie Deberry was a recurring cast in the A.N.T Farm, an American teen sitcom series, where she was playing Paisley Houndstooth. It was during this period that Allie gathered much of the attention that she needed to prosper in her acting career. In other words, it was Allie Deberry A.N.T. Farm that put her in the limelight. At just 23, Allie Deberry’s age is not preventing her from climbing the ladder of success. After all, even her young age back in 2011 did not hold her back from gathering the attention and experience she needed to prosper. In just a span of less than 3 years, this young, vibrant powerhouse managed to amass a huge follower base for her talent, trendy fashion sense and hairstyle, and helpful success and beauty tips she shares regularly with her fans on her social media accounts. Allie Deberry bikini alone is actually a topic of the whole Pinterest pages. In fact, you will find quite a number of pictures of Allie’s perfectly formed curves, trendy bikinis and pretty hairstyles that perfectly frame her beautiful face. Both her trendy hairstyle and classy clothes are usually commented on and copied by thousands of fans who also aim to have the same perfect body and style that are always evident throughout Allie Deberry Instagram @alexandriadeberry posts. With 251 thousand of Instagram followers, there is no denying that Allie Deberry is a trending brand indeed. Before Deberry became an actress, she was already a model. In fact, she started modeling in Houston, Texas, when she was only 5. Deberry was the face of many different campaigns and commercials before giving it a try in acting. By looking at Allie Deberry Instagram photos, you can understand why she made it as a model and became the face of various organizations and companies at that tender age. No one can deny the fact that this young powerhouse is extremely pretty. About her relationship, rumors had it that Allie Deberry had a romantic relationship with Justin Hangs who was then studying at West Michigan high school. That was back in 2014. Hangs also thought Deberry and he would form a great couple. He went ahead and posted a video on YouTube confessing his undying love for Allie. He actually asked Deberry to consider being his prom date, and even called his YouTube video a proposal. Unfortunately, the two didn’t stay together. Currently, Allie Deberry is dating Tyler Beede who is an American professional baseball pitcher. While many of us never believed that Allie and Tyler are in a relationship, it has come out that Tyler Beede has actually proposed to her and the two are currently engaged. If Allie Deberry Instagram and Twitter posts are anything to go by, then we should stop speculating any further about Allie’s personal life. She actually posted on her Twitter account that she has found the one she has been praying for. So, let’s wait and see. Shows: A.N.T. Farm, The Way She Moves, It’s a Miracle, I’m with Her Movies: Love and Mary

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