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Amanda Stanton
Amanda Stanton is an actress.
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9 April, 1990, in Mission Viejo, California, USA
Amanda Stanton is an actress. Amanda Stanton (27) is an actress, born in Mission Viejo, California, USA. She finished her esthetician school in Orange Country. She is probably best known for her appearances in The Bachelor, but before that, she took a place in a few movies such as: Kissing Strangers, Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, Jack’s Family Adventure, The Cheetah Girls 2. She is a single mother of two (Kinsley and Charlie) and always keeps the attention with her dramatic love life. “Amanda Stanton was a contestant on The Bachelor (20th season), where she got dismissed by Ben Higgins.” as the media like to call her. Later when she appeared on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, she won. Her appearance on The Bachelor made her very popular, so she started to gain a lot of Instagram followers - over 1.2 million. On this app she often posts photos of her and her lovely daughters, showing how it looks like to be a single mom and how she deals with it. Often there are some bad comments about her lifestyle saying that Amanda spends too much time on TV and it looks like she is ignoring her kids, but using Instagram Stories, she told the haters that her kids means the world to her and she’s giving her best to give them a great life. Amanda Stanton was married to Nick Buonfiglio (from 2012 – 2015), and they both have two daughters. But their relationship went wrong and they filed for divorce. Her ex husband claimed that he wanted to spend more time with his daughters, and took the two little girls to live with him. Josh Murray was the one who won The Bachelorette season 10. He was engaged to Andi Dorfman, but things weren’t going well for them, so the couple parted ways. After the break up, Josh was seen on Bachelor in Paradise season 3. Amanda also appeared on The Bachelor in Paradise 3. Josh proposed Amanda, they got engaged and he promised to take care of her and her children and give them all his love. That’s how the season ended. They were posting some very loving photos as a happy family on many social media like Facebook and Instagram. They looked so happy those few months that they were together, so everyone was shocked when the couple split up. After that, there was the drama - Josh threatened to sue Amanda if she didn’t stop to spread rumors about him. She claimed that she knew from the start that something wasn’t right and things aren’t working out, which made everything worse for her daughters. But after a while, it seems that they both have gotten back on friendly terms. Amanda’s social media accounts had been one of the most impersonated of all celebrities with fake Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Amanda also has her own YouTube channel with more that 13K subscribers. She had huge success in Hollywood, but despite that fact, Amanda claims that she is done with acting long ago. She has her own health and wellness beauty site from which she is earning $13,000 a month, as her fashion blog was doing well. She is young and looks great at the age of 27. It’s no wonder, because she takes care of her health and beauty. She admitted that to prevent the aging, she uses anti-aging skincare line, always wears sunglasses and gets botox. Show: Kissing Strangers; Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh; Bachelor in Paradise

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