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Carly Waddell
Carly Waddell is an American reality TV star.
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11th of October, 1985 in Arlington, Texas, USA
Carly Waddell is an American reality TV star. Carly Waddell was born in Arlington, Texas, USA. Carly has 2 brothers. Since 17th of June 2017, she has been married to Evans Bass. The two have one child. After competing for season 19 of The Bachelor, an ABC’s reality show in 2015, Carly Waddell has remained a high-flying figure among the television audience. She looked lovely and highly talented when she appeared on the reality-based TV dating game show competing to win the heart of Chris Soule. After making her first appearance on this show in 2015, Carly Waddell appeared several other times in such reality shows. But how old is Carly Waddell? You will be surprised when you know the real Carly Waddell age. Don’t let her gorgeous looks and perfect body weight and shape deceive you. She is not in her early twenties as it might seem. She is actually 32. Interestingly, Carly Waddell brother, Zak Waddell, also joined the Bachelor legacy family after competing up to the final stage on the Bachelorette season on Desiree Hartstock. Besides her modeling and acting career, Carly Waddell is also a social media celebrity. She is active on Instagram and other social media platforms, and she keeps on posting pictures and her views on various matters on her social media accounts to share with her fans. She has a huge following on social media. In fact, Carly Waddell Instagram has more than 942 thousands of followers. Carly is also very active on other social platforms where she also has many followers. Precisely, Carly Waddell Twitter account has more than 218 thousands of followers. Despite being active on social media, Carly liked keeping her personal life to herself. This has helped her a great deal in avoiding any media speculations and controversies. When she was still engaged to Evans Bass, she kept people guessing when they would finally tie the knot. She eventually broke the news just few days prior to the big day. She might have decided to keep things secret due to her past multiple relationships that ended up prematurely. Before meeting Evans Bass, Carly Waddell dated multiple guys. Despite being a multi-talented person, here romantic relationships were never a bed of roses. In 2015, Carly dated Erick DiNardo, who is a singer and a songwriter. Their relationship was short-lived as lasted for only about 4 months. They broke up on February 15, 2015, just a day after Valentine’s Day. After this unexpected break-up, Carly Waddell got into a relationship in season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise with Kirk DeWindt. This also did not last long. During season 3 of the same show, Evans Bass won her heart, and the couple got married on June 17, 2017. Evan Bass and Carly Waddell have been living together in Nashville, Tennessee, since they were engaged. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass have not had any affair issues since they got married, or so we believe because we haven’t heard of any controversy in their life. If you have watched Carly Waddell Bachelor, then you know that she is a multi-talented woman. You can only wonder what a blessing her husband has. Because she looks lovely, collected and respectful, we get tempted to believe that she was the main reason for the break-ups in her life with the men she dated before meeting Evans Bass. A look at her education background instantly reveals that Carly Waddell had a lot of interest in music when she was growing up. She was extremely passionate about songwriting and singing since early childhood. Her father, Jeff Waddell, and mother, Maryann Waddell, realized her passion in music and enrolled her in Tisch School of the Arts in New York University where she attended musical theatre. She later enrolled in the University of Oklahoma from which she majored in Musical Theatre Performance and graduated in 20017 with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Shows: The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise Movies: A Celebration of Love

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