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Evan Bass
Evan Bass is an American reality TV star and a businessman.
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December 17th, 1982 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Evan Bass is an American reality TV star and a businessman. Evan Bass is an American reality TV star and a businessman who first appeared in the 12th season of The Bachelorette show. Then, he again returned to in Bachelor in Paradise where he met his current wife Carly Waddell. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and was raised there. He still lives there with his wife and four kids. Along with his TV career, he also has a lot of different businesses, including several erectile dysfunction clinics in Tennessee. Evan Bass was a contestant in The Bachelorette season 12 where he was eliminated very early in the week 5. He then rose to fame and was again invited to Bachelor in Paradise where he found his current wife and proposed to her. He is 5’11 high and has two tattoos. Evan Bass age is 35 years and he was born on December 17, 1982. Evan Bass was born and raised in Tennessee. Not much is known about his childhood and parents. He still lives in Nashville and runs all his businesses there. Before appearing in The Bachelorette, he was married. Evan Bass ex-wife is named Marie and he has three sons from her named Liam, Ensley and Nathan. Later, in Bachelor in Paradise, he proposed to Carly Waddel at the end of the show. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass wedding was aired in the 4th season of Bachelor in Paradise. It was a huge ceremony that was officiated by Chris Harrison. They had their first child, a baby girl, on February 2018 and she is named Bella. Evan Bass kids live with him and his current wife in Nashville, Tennessee. Evan Bass also has a career besides his reality TV appearances. He is the founder and the director of numerous erectile dysfunction clinics that specialize in treating male erectile dysfunction in Tennessee. These clinics provide education, treatment, and also therapies for the patients suffering from this condition. His clinics have a huge success in the state and he is also the co-founder of the consulting group MMM, LLC. This group is responsible for granting a license to the new erectile dysfunction clinics. This consultancy also provides guidance, training and much more to these new clinics. Currently, they have licensed over 20 such clinics. Evan Bass also has several businesses all throughout the state making him very successful. He had a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case against him but he was discharged in 2012. When asked in an interview about his three main attributes, he replied they are openness, fun, and good first impressions. His all-time favorite movies are Good Will Hunting, Home Alone, and Christmas Vacation. Evan Bass has also revealed that he was a pastor in the past but he chose to continue his career as a doctor at his clinics. Evan Bass Instagram account is @theebass and he has a lot of followers. He posts about his work and his personal life on the social media regularly. He is also on Twitter and Facebook. You will find him interacting with his admirers and sharing his love for his daughter and sons. He is an animal lover and constantly posts pictures of cute animals on his social media profile. Evan Bass net worth is more than two million dollars considering his successful business and his clinics. He is a successful man with a good career and a happy family. We would like to see how life turns out for his family, especially for Evan Bass kids. Shows: The Bachelorette, Season 12 and Bachelor in Paradise, Season 3

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