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Jason Wayne Jen Lilley
Jen Lilley is an American singer and actress.
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4th of August, 1984 in Roanoke, Virginia, USA
Jen Lilley is an American singer and actress. Jen Lilley is an American singer and actress who has gained her fame for playing a supportive role in The Artist, a French film in 2011. Jason Wayne Jen Lilley was born on August 4, 1984, in Roanoke, Virginia, USA. She has one sister and two brothers. Jason Wayne Jen Lilley is an actress, a singer, a wife, and a children’s rights supporter who has worked hard to become a celebrity and the person she is today. She took a bold step and went out there to pursue her dreams. According to her parents, Jen Lilley was going to be a teacher one day. They never expected their daughter to tell them she was going to pursue her dream as an actress after graduating from the University of Virginia. When Jen told her parents that she was moving to California with the aim of doing her best to become an actress, her parents, Ellen and Vincent Lilley, were shocked and could not believe their ears. However, they did not stand in her way. Instead, they blessed her and promised to support her in every possible way. Her story is an inspiration to many. Jen Lilley started her acting career in a film named The Loss of Life when she was still at the University of Virginia. After playing a supporting role in The Artist, a French film released in 2011, Jen Lilley has been a powerhouse, starring in one movie after another. In fact, Jen Lilley movies and TV shows are simply irresistible to say the least. She played various characters in 2011 on Disaster Date of MTV before appearing in the iCarly TV movie as Monie. Jen Lilley has a beautiful voice that we can never get enough of, and she realized it when she was still a teenager. She performed many concerts in Guatemala and won The National Educators’ Award of Guatemala for her grobandup. What was Jen Lilley age at that time? Well, she was only 16. Lilley went to Georgia during summer time in 2014 where she hosted SOWEGA Art Performance and sang with the band to raise money for the famous ONEless Ministries. In addition to Jen Lilley movies and TV shows, as well as her music, she is also known as a defender of children’s rights. She actively supports various charities, especially those that focus on protecting young children against sexual and physical abuse, water crisis, homelessness, and human trafficking. Her love for children, coupled with her passion to help the needy people saw her become the celebrity ambassador for the famous Childhelp, which is a charity organization that focuses in the treatment and prevention of any form of child abuse. Jen Lilley married her long-term boyfriend, Jason Wayne, on May 26, 2017. She then changed her name to Jason Wayne Jen Lilley, and the two are enjoying their marriage life together. Neither Jen Lilley husband, nor Jen herself has ever mentioned anything about why they don’t have their own child. We can only speculate that it could be out of their choice or other reasons. The two are foster parents of a cute boy who is nearly 3 years old. Not many of us were able to, or will be able to achieve as much as Jen Lilley has achieved by the age of 33. According to her Instagram and Twitter accounts, Jen likes conversations that promote charity works and children protection around the world. Shows: Days of Our Lives, Disaster Date, The Crazy Ones Movies: The Artist (2011), The Book of Esther (2013), A Dash of Love, Harvest Love

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