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Jess Southern
Jessica Smith-Payne is a Payne is a makeup artist and a model.
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9th of February, 1985 Tennessee, the USA
Jessica Smith-Payne is a Payne is a makeup artist and a model. Jess Southern, born Jessica Smith-Payne is a makeup artist and a model who has appeared on different television shows as a beauty expert. She was born in a small town in Tennessee on February 9th, 1985 and started her makeup journey at the age of 15. She is also a makeup trainer and a businesswoman. Jess Southern was born in Tennessee, the United States as Jessica Smith. This was in 1985 on February 9th. At a tender age of 15, she started showing interest in doing makeup. She was featured by several local modeling agencies at the tender age where her journey started officially. As she grew up, Jessica was fond of magazines and would flip through the pages. Her flipping would land her into stories and photos of models inspiring her to have a trial of the field. She was determined at that early age to take part in modeling as well as in the beauty industry at large. To kickstart her dream career, Jess started engaging in makeup activities for local modeling agencies. This was until she moved to New York City at the age of 18. Life for her here in the beautify industry had to come with some handles as it would be expected as she was new in the industry, with no one to show her the way. The hustle and bustle overwhelmed her as she was still fresh and naïve. She settled on doing free test shots. The test shots took her to Ford where she would run in for Ford Models as well as assisting the makeup artists and photographers. Her daring spirit to venture into a field where she knew no one started paying off when she started getting attention. It all started with calls for her to try makeup by herself. She would also receive offers to try making hair and styling. That came as a big break for her as she became absorbed as a makeup artist for the Ford label. Jess is a natural painter. She commands creativity as well as precision in her field. Her awesomeness has earned her a good client base all pooled from different entertainment classes. From models to musicians and general celebrities, her client base now commands attention for itself. For the clients, they come from TV, music videos, and red carpets. Also, she has worked with participants of editorial, bridal, and fashion shows. Although her interest and the main focus is makeup, Jess does not maintain that line only. She is also involved in styling, airbrushing for clients, and hair. Jess left NYC for Los Angeles. At LA is where she started working as an artist and eventually became Director of Artistry. Here, she helps Stephi Maron deal with educating artist, upcoming trends, new brands, the press, and how-to videos. She also doubles up with giving extensive training to artists. Since she went to Blushington Makeup, she has helped open four more stores. Now Blushington Makeup is a Nationwide Company. Jess was previously married to one Wes Scantlin, a Puddle of Mudd frontman. She is currently married to Logan, a man she met through a mutual friend. Her salary and net worth are not clear as of now. However, she has now ventured into business too. Together with Julie Hewett and Blushington Makeup owner Stephi Maron have a lipstick line called B.Lovely. The lipstick is a matte finish, and several celebrities have been seen wearing it including Katherine Schwarzenegger and Olivia Culp. To sum up, Jess is a many-sided person with great plans for this life. Shows: Extra, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood

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