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Jessica Robertson
Jessica Robertson is an American actress and a reality TV star.
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November 12th, 1980 in Louisiana, California, USA
Jessica Robertson is an American actress and a reality TV star. Jessica Robertson is an American actress and a reality TV star who is best known for her show Duck Dynasty. Jessica Robertson age is 37 years and she was born in Louisiana, California. Before she became famous for the Duck Dynasty show, she worked as a realtor and is a licensed real estate agent. Her show traces the lives of the Robertson family and Jessica is one of its daughters-in-law. Jessica Robertson belongs to Louisiana where she completed her schooling and lived with her parents. She has one sister and lived with a lot of cousins ever since childhood. She was born on November 12th. Jessica Robertson completed her schooling in Louisiana and has a keen interest in fishing and hunting which she usually did with her father on the weekends. She belongs to a Christian background and is a licensed real estate agent. She is also qualified in business studies and helps in the family business. The woman worked as a real estate agent for a few years before getting married to her current husband Jep. Jessica Robertson met her current husband Jep or Jules Jepatha Robertson through a bible study and they soon fell in love. Jep was the one who baptized Jessica and soon they got married on October 7, 2001. Jep is the youngest son of Kay and Phil Robertson. The couple has a large family consisting of five children. Four children named Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, and River are their biological children, whereas the fifth child, Jules Augustus Robertson, is adopted. Considering her upbringing, she was a perfect fit for the Robertson family and everyone was so fond of her that she and Jep got married two weeks after he proposed to her. Jep and Jessica Robertson are a perfect couple or at least that is what we see on the screen. Their chemistry is amazing on the show and people consider them as any couple’s goal. Both of them have come up with a book named The Good, The Bad, and the Grace of God: What Honesty and Pain Taught Us About Faith, Family and Forgiveness. This is a book of some of the most personal details and memories of the couple’s life. Jessica Robertson is very famous on the Internet as well and is the trending topic of search on Google. People search for Jessica Robertson hot pictures and Jessica Robertson bikini pictures all the time. However, to their disappointment, there are no such images available online. She is one of the most beautiful Robertson women and it is obvious that she has some male admirers out there. Jessica is very religious and loves to spread the words of the Gospel. She has a great bond with her mother-in-law and has a good taste in antiques. Jessica Robertson also has a Twitter account where you will see her share the glimpse of her life and her show. Jessica Robertson Instagram is also one place where you can go and see what is going on in her life currently. Jessica Robertson is a great wife, mother, and house keeper. All the fans of the Duck Dynasty show love the way she is with her family and her husband. We would like to see how life progresses for Jessica Robertson and her family. Duck Dynasty is a great TV show and Jessica Robertson’s presence makes it even more interesting to watch. Shows: Duck Dynasty

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