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Jordan Rodgers
Jordan Rodgers is former NFL player, reality TV star, and sports analyst.
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30th of August, 1988 in Chico, California, the USA
Jordan Rodgers is former NFL player, reality TV star, and sports analyst. Former NFL player, reality TV star, and sports analyst Jordan Rodgers is a California native who won a full ridge to prestigious Vanderbilt University after breaking Butte College’s record for being the best offensive player on the team. He performed equally well at Vanderbilt although older brother Aaron has been more successful as a professional athlete. Despite this, Jordan has gained fame and popularity for winning the heart of The Bachelorette’s JoJo Fletcher whom he has yet to marry. He may be the younger brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, but Vanderbilt University American footballer-turned-sports-commentator Jordan Rodgers is a celebrity in his own right. Jordan Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers were both quarterbacks although Aaron’s career as a professional athlete has been more successful while Jordan signed on with ESPN in 2016 to be a college football analyst – a role that suits this athletic hunk perfectly. The brothers aren’t exactly close either and have been feuding for a while. According to Jordan, none of the family speak to Aaron either although the reason for the feud remains a mystery. From zero to full spotlight, the feud was publicized when Jordan appeared on The Bachelorette. Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers went on a hometown date to meet the Rodgers family, who hail from Chico, California, which is when Rodgers patriarch Edward, in reference to Aaron, stated that fame changes people. Aaron remains rather silent on the issue, however, and claims he avoided watching The Bachelorette season that saw Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher becoming engaged in late 2016. Despite the feud, the couple plan to invite Aaron to the wedding – when it eventually takes place! Aside from the now famous feud with Aaron, Jordan Rodgers’ Instagram account (jrdogers11) shows an individual who loves his family. He frequently posts photos of him and his other (older) brother, Luke, or their father having good, old-fashioned fun. Also among the photos are pictures of fiancé JoJo Fletcher. Jordan Rodgers may not be rushing down the aisle with her despite their 18-month engagement, but it’s clear that the couple are still very much an item with every intention of following through with their nuptials. For Valentine’s Day 2018, he talked briefly about his fiancé, her desire to have children, and how the couple are focusing on getting to know one another. He also showed photos of the cute gift he gave her: photos of himself modeling Captain Morgan underwear. At the age of 29, Jordan Rodgers seems to have moved out from under his brother’s shadow. He’s currently worth an impressive $1.8 million. While he is obviously a sports fan, given the nature of his work and that he lettered in track and basketball, and was a star American footballer in high school, Jordan is also interested in musical theatre! That’s right: he participated in theatre in high school and moved into the media industry with a cameo role as a Green Bay Packer in the movie Pitch Perfect 2. However, it’s JoJo who seems to be a main interest now. Jojo and Jordan Rodgers are an attractive couple who seem to be meant for one another, and their meeting on The Bachelorette certainly did much to raise Jordan’s profile to that of his brother, Aaron’s. The couple’s wedding is a much-anticipated event that is keeping fans on the edge of their seats. However, in response to questions about when the wedding will take place, he has emphasized that the pair are focusing on getting to know one another better after their whirlwind engagement. Jordan Rodgers and JoJo are definitely committed to one another despite speculation that the pair may have separated. In late 2017, he further reiterated his love for her on her birthday with a message that she is not only his best friend, but that he would not be able to imagine his life without her. Jordan Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers may not be communicating with one another, but JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers certainly are. The wedding is rumored to be taking place in 2018, and the couple have clarified that it’s something that they speak about continually. While this Texan beauty and Californian hunk take their time deciding on a definite wedding date, though, there seems to be no dimming in their popularity. Even if brother Aaron Rodgers doesn’t attend the wedding, there are plenty of people who will happily be cheering on Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher when they (finally) get around to saying “I do”. Shows: The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Pitch Perfect 2

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