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Katie Stauffer
Katie Stauffer is an american actress, producer and writer.
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17th of November,1977 in Birmingham, Michigan
Katie Stauffer is an american actress, producer and writer. Famously known for her creativity and designs, and which are well showcased by her children earning her much fame on Instagram with over 3.9 million followers. She is a famous actress, writer, producer. Katie Stauffer was born in November 17,1977 in the United States and raised in Birmingham, Michigan. She is married to a physician, Charles Stauffer who occasionally features in his wife’s Instagram pictures and videos. They are blessed with Five amazing children, three daughters named Kaitlin(Oct. 21, 2002), Emma and Mila(Oct. 31, 2014) and two boys Charles(April 16, 2007) and Finn(Jan. 7, 2009). These beautiful and handsome children have been the main source of Katie’s fame on the social media. Kaitlin, Katie’s first daughter and the oldest has an Instagram account “kaista” which has attracted over 270K followers. Kaitlin Stauffer started posting her photos in June 2013, and she also has a self-titled YouTube channel where she posts videos of her original songs. Also, Katie’s twins Emma and Milla, who at their age have become social media celebrities, appearing in viral videos and funny pictures. Katie often posts nap time pictures and videos of her twins on Instagram, with at least a video attracting over 3 million views and a picture earning close to 300K likes. She often dresses her twins in funny costumes, one of the notable photo shoots which really attracted many media outlets featured her twins, Emma and Milla in Halloween costumes which received US coverage weekly, and notably dressing her daughters as Kim and Kourtney Kardashian in October 2016. Her success and popularity have been so huge, which has put them in coveted class called "social influencers." Big companies like Gap and Apple have had business with the Stauffers for product advertisement. Emma and Mila alone have advertised for Amazon, Nest, Dollar Rental Car, Macy’s and Walmart etc. Are you sad about spending the weekend at home because your partner is feeling under the weather? Or are you just in a bad mood for some work or family related matter? Whatever be the reason of your dejection, there's a perfect solution to turn things around, all you gotta do is to check out an Instagram account by the name of “kcstauffer” and you won't regret it! Katie has self-titled YouTube channel where she has posts family videos, and which often attract up to a Million views. She also writes for a blog, “Over our wall”. Katie who quitted her day job as an escrow officer after 12 years didn't find it easy at first, as companies will send expensive clothes and tell her to post without any payment, including people criticism, accusing her of “exploiting her kids.” People have also criticized her for the kind of food her kids eat and the brands she takes money from. Katie in her early ages began studying fashion design at NAU in Arizona, but things changed in the year 2011, she started posting cool photos, and will share them on popular pages, and would earn her many likes, then later she started posting pictures of her handsome son, Finn, which even attracted more likes. But she later expanded to the blog in February 2015. Movies: executive producer of the "The Father" (2011).

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