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Korie Howard Robertson
Korie Robertson is an American actress, producer, writer, and reality TV star.
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24th of October, 1973 in Louisiana, USA
Korie Robertson is an American actress, producer, writer, and reality TV star. Korie Howard Robertson was born in Louisiana, USA. Korie is an American actress, producer, and a reality TV star who has been married to Willie Robertson since July 6, 1992. The couple has six children. A writer, reality television star, and an actress – the daughter-in-law of Phil Robertson, who is the founder of the Duck Commander, Korie Howard Robertson has actually become a superstar in her own right since a television reality show Duck Dynasty aired on the A&E in 2012. Korie Robertson is the biological daughter of Chrys and John Howard, and she is married to Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander. Alton Hardy Howard, a great businessman, is her grandfather, and she is a great niece of W. L. “Jack” Howard, a brother to Alton Hardy, who is Monroe’s former mayor. At the age of 44, with six beautiful children, Korie Robertson age and her big family don’t slow her down. With a full-grown daughter Sadie Robertson who is 20, and five other children, the photos on Korie Robertson Instagram (@bosshogswife) show a seemingly more beautiful and much younger Korie. You would actually be forgiven for mistaking her to be at her early thirties. Korie Robertson Instagram photos reflect an energetic, young and spirited individual who enjoys photographing her big family and sharing her personal life with her fans. She is real and she doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She doesn’t restrain to admit that her youngest child has negative thoughts and she has been doing her best to improve the situation. Willie and Korie Robertson have been married since July 6, 1992, and they have six children: Rebecca, Rowdy, Bella, Will, Sadie, and Luke. Rebecca, the firstborn is not actually the biological daughter of Korie Howard. She came to live with the family as an exchange student from Taiwan, and she was only 16 at the time. After a while, they fell in love with Rebecca, and their children considered her as their real sister. Then, Willie and Korie Robertson agreed to adopt her, and that’s how Rebecca became a member of their family. Korie Howard Robertson attended the famous Harding University situated in Searcy, Arkansas. The university, in 2014, declared Willie and Korie Robertson jointly as Harding University’s Outstanding Young Alumni. Korie Howard Robertson has an amazing voice and sings beautifully. In fact, she sang on the album of her family, Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas. She doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind and standing for the people she loves and believes in. A case in point is when she stood up publically for her father-in-law, Phil Robertson, after his GQ magazine controversial interview. Apart from having a millionaire husband, and having been born in a well-to-do family, Korie Robertson earns decently from her onscreen works, such as Duck Dynasty and other sources. The TV queen is also a famous writer. In the mid-2017, Korie Robertson net worth was estimated to be more than $10 million. Willie and Korie Robertson have a relatively luxurious lifestyle in their expensive house, and her 2018 net worth is still under review. It means that you will have to wait a little longer before you know exactly what she is worth this year. Korie Howard Robertson is a true celebrity with hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media accounts. She is very active and updates her fans on whatever is going on in her life as a television reality host, a mother of six, and as a wife to Willie Robertson. In fact, Korie Robertson Instagram has more than 1.6 million followers with more than 2410 posts. Shows: Duck Dynasty Movies: God’s Not Dead (2014), Going Si-Ral (2016), and I’m Not Ashamed (2016)

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