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Mark Jansen
Mark Jansen is a is an American personal trainer.
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Date Of Birth: Unknown; Grand Island, NY, the USA
Mark Jansen is a is an American personal trainer. One of Big Brother’s competitive Houseguests during the nineteenth season, Mark Jansen is an American personal trainer from Grand Island, New York. Carrying on his sleeves the motto “Fear none, regret less,” Mark Jansen entered the Big Brother’s house loaded and already victorious. Before surviving the challenges thrown during his days as a houseguest on Season 19, the 26-year-old gentlemen has already conquered life’s challenges with a winning smile. Celebrity lights first flashed on his brawny physique when he appeared on the popular reality series. But even before, his fit, bulky figure has stolen a couple of eyes - though not for the same reason. Slash away his eye-catching abdominal spell, his seemingly heavy weighted body has long been behind the wheels before finally rearing up towards his triumphant weight loss. Transforming into a healthy personal trainer wasn’t at all an easy road for the Grand Island native, but the same with his journey on Big Brother, Jansen wasn’t an easy contender either. He may come off as the tough bodybuilder to effortlessly intimidate fellow houseguests at first glance - a soft, fluffy heart is what this truly burly hunk is made of. Born and raised in the scenic town of Grand Island in New York, his parent’s passing at an early age shaped the strapping guy as a tough survivor. So losing the winning title in Big Brother wasn’t much of an event to take a great toll on his positive disposition. Until the age of 17, he was single-handedly raised by her mother after his father’s early demise. If he wasn’t evicted with a vote of 4-2 on his last remaining week in the house, he would have dedicated his win to single mothers, as he was also raised by one, together with children who carry the same story as him. Having studied abroad and having become a football player who played on the league of national football of the regional combine, his birthdate on the 13th of June, 1991 marks the beginning of his challenging yet fulfilling life. Before hitting the CBS cameras in 2017, Jansen dedicated his time on bodybuilding and made it his passion since his impressive weight transformation. Sixty-five days in the reality television house, he was able to gather the title as the houseguest to first obtain an apple and immunity in the competition and the second to win the Veto Power for the second time. Well, he may have gone home without a victorious prize on his hands with his proclamation only as the ninth placer during his season, he still went home as a winner after having his showmance with co-houseguest Elena Davies take into reality even after the competition. After the show took its end, Mark and Elena have continued to sparkle their undeniable chemistry outside the house and took their relationship to another level. Together with his girl, he recently moved to Texas and is already beginning to take the thought of marriage from the back of his mind - so long as his girl won’t lose interest in him. Away from the tail of cameras and celebrity talks, the two has kept their relationship strongly towards the possibility of them walking along the wedding aisle. After his first venture in Big Brother, with eyes all over on his showmance with Elena 24/7, thoughts about entering another reality TV series that would feature the new chapter of their love story is not a thing to be met with hesitations. On top of that, rumors about the two joining The Amazing Race has been circling around. Mark Jansen is not an easy name to be defeated in competition, not even in the game of life. He continues to inspire many through his social media accounts where his bodybuilding finesse is pointed out. Shows: Big Brother 19

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