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Michael Todd Chrisley
Todd Christley is an actor and producer.
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6th of April, 1969 born in Georgia, U.S
Todd Christley is an actor and producer. Todd Chrisley was born in Georgia, U.S. Having spent most of his childhood in Westminister, South Carolina, his family lived a modest and small-town life. When Chrisley was a kid, he spent most of his time with his brother, jumping and riding bicycles as far as they could go. He is a married man and has five children. He married Julia Chrisley in 1996. He currently lives with his wife Julie and daughters in Westminister, South Carolina. He stars in the USA Network reality series Chrisley knows best. He is an entrepreneur and a self-made millionaire. Todd Chrisley’s bio is filled with controversy when it comes to his family, affair, career and money. His top-rated reality show that is ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ has been a hit among audiences because people can’t seem to get enough of their amusing and dramatic life. The 22-minutes episodes have shown the juiciest part of Todd Chrisley’s life such as the millions of properties he lost and has gained as a real estate mogul, his grandchildren out of wedlock, his secret first wife and his children with different wives. But people are also asking, who is Todd Chrisley before his reality show came out on TV? Who is Todd Chrisley beyond ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ before he became a household name? Behind the cameras, Todd is actually a hardworking man who has built his entire wealth and fortune from the ground up. However, after his rise to fame, when he started bragging that his wife and kids ‘sometimes spends $300,000 or more just on clothing’, he was forced to declare his net worth which turns out to be negative $5 million. He was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2012. He filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection against a debt of $49.5 million. It involved his own management company, Christley Asset Management(CAM), which is now a defunct company. There were speculations that he has hidden assets under his wife’s name throughout the bankruptcy proceedings. During the bankruptcy proceedings of the company, it was reported that his second wife, Julie Chrisley received over $700,000 in transfers from the corporate account of CAM. Even as CAM was on the verge of bankruptcy, Chrisley still managed to run his own televising program showing the lavish lifestyle of his Southern family. Aside from the issues about his bankruptcy, Todd Chrisley is also faced with rumors that he is gay. But Todd Chrisley isn’t bothered about the ongoing queries about his sexuality. He also added that he wasn’t offended with all the queries because there is nothing wrong with being gay. He doesn’t believe that it is something that you should be ashamed of. For Chrisley, being gay is something that you shouldn’t hide. On a radio program, he said that sexuality isn’t a choice that you make. He believes that you are the way that God has made you. He is also flattered that people think he can get laid on both ends. And his wife is certainly flattered as there are a number of men who also want her husband as well as women. Before his show’s March 2014 premiere date, he stated that there is no coming out, what you see is what you get. Giving interviews Todd Chrisley assures that he is a happy person and is satisfied with his life. In the future, aside from his reality show, Todd Chrisley plans to pursue his love for fashion. Meanwhile, his reality show which has been renewed for its 6th season will now focus on Chrisley’s advice about parenting and relationships. Shows: The 4th Awakens (2016), Chrisley Knows Best (2014)

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