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Nicole Lynn Williams
Nicole Williams is an American actress and model.
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17th of March, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nicole Williams is an American actress and model. Nicole Lynn Williams was born in Toronto, Ontario, in Canada. Nicole has been married to a professional football player Larry English since 19th of May 2017. Nicole Lynn Williams model became an actress and joined WAGS, the E network reality TV series. In her career as a model, Nicole has earned representation from top-rated model agencies, such as Wilhelmina New York, FM London, Next Toronto, Muse Management South Africa Major Models New York, and Los Angeles Models. Confidence is one of the main parts of the growth and success of a model, and no one proves this fact more than Nicole Williams. One of the reasons she is a celebrated model is that she oozes with confidence. Nicole Lynn Williams displays a master class every time she steps in the runway, and this is one of the things that make her one of the top-rated models. Looking at her on the ramp, you can’t help but admire her confidence, gorgeous face, perfect curves, long legs, and extraordinarily beautiful eyes. Now that Nicole has successfully lit a big fire in the American fashion industry and she knows how to stay on top of the game, she is having a good time in her life. With tremendous beauty and remarkable skills, Nicole has starred in WAGS, one of the most watched reality series of our time. Nicole Williams age is something that people always want to know because she becomes even more energetic and beautiful as time goes. Well, she celebrated her 32nd birthday on 17th of March this year. Nicole, ever since she was a young girl in school, always had a dream to become a model. She believed in herself and worked hard to develop that career and today, she is a living proof that dreams are valid, as long as you live to pursue them. The pretty incomparable face, confidence and hard work she does to stay healthy and maintain her weight, body shape and energy makes Nicole a top-rated model in the fashion industry. Apart from modeling, after starring in a popular TV series WAGS Nicole Williams was chosen as a main cast for the second season. When Nicole got engaged to her boyfriend, Larry English, she wanted to keep it secret, but she found it impossible. She felt the urge to go on top of the tallest mountain and shout to the whole world that she had found irresistible love. Eventually, she shared a charming picture of her holding the adorable hand of Larry English with her engagement ring showing clearly. The picture was shared on Nicole Williams Instagram account, which has more than 1.2 million of followers. After dating for more than four years, the couple went ahead to exchange vows on the 19th of May, 2017. Nicole Williams wedding took place abroad in Laguna Beach during the season final of the popular television series WAGS. Not even one of the star cast of WAGS was absent during the colorful wedding. Immediately after the wedding, the top model changed her name to Larry English Nicole Williams. Nicole Williams net worth is close to $5 million. The number of followers in Nicole Williams Instagram and Twitter accounts points out clearly that she is also a social media celebrity. Precisely, she has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 40 thousand Twitter followers. The actress is very active on social media and she keeps her fans informed every day about what’s going on in her life of a model, an actress, and a wife. With her determination, immense beauty, and confidence, you can be sure that Nicole is going to remain on top of her game. Shows: WAGS

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