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Ryan Serhant
Ryan Serhant is a real estate salesperson and a TV star.
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2nd of July, 1984 in Houston, Texas, the USA
Ryan Serhant is a real estate salesperson and a TV star. Ryan Serhant is a young real estate superstar, voted No. 15 among the top 100 salespeople in New York by The Real Deal. At 33, he has a net worth of $20 million and works at one of the fastest growing real estate firms in New York. Serhant also has his feet in media work, having featured in several short movies and TV shows. He is best known for his part in the reality show, ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’. Who is Ryan Serhant? Serhant was born in Houston, Texas. Still he grew up in Topsfield, Massachusetts. He did his early education at Pingree School and later went to Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp. For his tertiary education, the real estate mogul attended Hamilton College, where he got a degree in English Literature and Theatre. As of April 2018, Ryan Serhant’s age is 33, which is quite young for someone that successful. Career in Acting Although Ryan is not among Hollywood's super-elite, he still has had a fair shake at acting. He went straight to New York after graduating from college to start off his career in showbiz. Ryan has also worked behind the scenes on several projects. He has produced and directed a number of shows including ‘Realty Byte with Ryan Serhant’ which he directed, and a short film called ‘Alex’ which he produced. The Houston-born real estate mogul also has his feet in the publishing industry. In March 2018, he announced his intentions to publish a new book titled, ‘Sell It like Serhant’. With all the buzz following him, the book can be expected to be a hit. Ryan Serhant Movies Serhant has not had many full-feature films but has starred in a number of short ones. The most popular ones include Happy Birthday/I'm Dead, Withdrawal, and Overheard in NYC. Although the films had critical and financial success, he has not received any awards or nominations for them. His Role in While We're Young Serhant appeared in the 2014 American comedy, 'While we’re young'. The movie featured such stars as Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts. He played Dave, a hedge fund investor. Considering his financial prowess, the role was clearly a walk in the park. Reality Shows Ryan’s slot on the reality TV landscape comes from his featuring on the show, Million Dollar Listing New York. He has been a constant feature on the show from 2012. Ryan Serhant’s Instagram Stardom Ryan’s stardom has also taken him to Instagram where he boasts a huge following, 900K strong. Seeing that he is a real estate guru, you might think he posts pictures of luxury houses. But Serhant’s Instagram is filled with personal pictures of his day to day life. His posts often get as many as 10,000 likes. Religious beliefs Born and raised Christian, Ryan converted to Greek Orthodoxy, a religion whose main beliefs centre on the culture of the early church fathers and the Byzantine Empire. He does not share much about his religious belief and instead chooses to keep his interaction with the world centred on his professional endeavours. Ryan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis live in New York. In 2012, Ryan put up an epic proposal that sent Times Square into a frenzy. Of course, Emilia accepted and the two got married in 2013. As of April 2018, they have no kids. Ryan Serhant net worth The 33-year-old boasts a net worth of $20 million. Although he has had moderate success in his acting career, most of his wealth has come from his rock star Real Estate salesmanship. His Work at Nest Seekers Serhant found a home for his sharp sales skills at Nest Seekers, a global Real Estate firm based in New York. He has gone on to be featured on different websites and TV shows where he gives real estate advice. Ryan also has a real estate mastermind that he calls “The Serhant Team.” Shows: Watch What Happens: Live, Bethenny, Marie, Million Dollar Listing New York, As the World Turns. Movies: While we’re Young, Withdrawal, Happy Birthday/I'm Dead, Overheard in NYC.

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