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Sadie Robertson
Sadie Robertson is a reality star, actress, writer, businesswoman.
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11th of June, 1997 in West Monroe, Louisiana, the USA
Sadie Robertson is a reality star, actress, writer, businesswoman. At 20 years of age, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson seems to be an unstoppable force. She is a devout Christian, New York Times bestselling author, and businesswoman who, in 2017, toured 45 US cities to promote Christian values and living among the youth – plus she can dance as we’ve seen from her participation on Dancing With the Stars (Season 19). Author, speaker, TV personality and actress – Sadie Robertson is just getting started! With everything she’s already achieved since first hitting the scene in 2012, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this author, speaker and TV personality has been around for several years. She’s not only part of the reality show Duck Dynasty, she’s also an actress who has appeared in the Christian dramas God’s Not Dead 2 and I’m Not Ashamed. So, how old is Sadie Robertson exactly? Sadie Robertson may only be 20 years of age, but she’s already achieved more than many people do in an entire lifetime. In addition to the movies, she participated in Dancing With the Stars, where she was a runner-up, co-founded the New Different YouTube channel with friend Kolby Koloff in mid-2013 (although she hasn’t been on the show since mid-January 2014), and started a line of prom dresses with Sherri Hill – which she also modelled herself at New York Fashion Week. There’s more though: Robertson also has a business of school supplies for DaySpring and a fashion line with rue21, which, in conjunction with Glory Haus, produces home goods as well as jewelry with Glory Haus. While there’s no argument that Sadie Robertson is stunning and looks hot in a bikini, thanks to her incredible body measurements, she’s no bimbo. It’s safe to say that Sadie Robertson isn’t only hot – she has a keen business mind too. If you need further proof of this, just Google “Live Original”. Written in 2014, the book is about faith and Christian values. It became a New York Times bestseller and was complemented by a devotional also titled “Live Original”. Things didn’t stop there, though, as the number of books written by Sadie Robertson increased with the fictional title “Life Just Got Real: A Live Original Novel”, which has since been followed by her sequel “Live Fearless”, which was released in 2018. This 20-year-old is so much more than just a pretty face and a hot body. Robertson is the granddaughter of Duck Commander founder, Phil Robertson, and one of five children. She’s Willie and Korie Robertson’s eldest daughter and sister to brothers Rowdy, John Luke and Willie Jr. and sisters Bella and Rebecca Robertson, the latter of which is a foster sister. The West Monroe, Louisiana, native is extremely devout and has a close relationship with her siblings as seen in her Instagram photos where you’ll find numerous photos of Sadie Robertson and her family. There’s no denying that family and friends are extremely important to this talented woman. She played several sports while in high school, including basketball, and ran track. However, she also enjoys modelling with her foster sister and always finds time to spend with her family despite her busy schedule. The reality star is currently worth a cool $800,000! It may seem like she doesn’t have time for love, but this isn’t true. From 2014 to 2016, she dated Blake Coward followed by Trevor Knight, an American football quarterback. However, the relationship with Knight was short-lived and only lasted from July to September 2016. Following both breakups, which were public, her father has said that she needs to keep her personal life private, so we can only speculate about Sadie Robertson’s latest boyfriend. She and Brett Eldredge have both featured pictures of the two of them looking rather cozy and she was the love interest in his 2017 “The Long Way” music video, so all signs point to the pair being a couple. For now, though, we’ll have to content ourselves with the rest of Robertson’s activities from TV appearances to books and perhaps more cities visited on the back of her 45-city tour with Winter Jam in 2017 where she encouraged “young adults to live uniquely and be the person God made you to be. Considering that she only really came to the spotlight in 2014 after placing second in Dancing With the Stars, there seems to be no limit to what Sadie Robertson will accomplish in the near future. One thing is for sure: this is one celeb to keep a close eye on! Shows: Duck Dynasty, Dancing with the Stars

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