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Corinne Olympios
Corinne Olympios is an actress, model and online business owner.
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11 November, 1992 Miami, Florida, USA
Corinne Olympios is an actress, model and online business owner. Love her or hate her, 25-year-old Corinne Olympios isn’t going anywhere. Despite having done some print ad modelling before her stint on season four of The Bachelor’s spin-off series Bachelor in Paradise, this Florida International University Theatre Arts graduate only really hit headlines when she brought filming on the show to a halt with allegations of sexual misconduct. While competing for the heart of Bachelor Nick Viall, she ended up having a bit too much to drink along with Bachelorette villain DeMario Jackson. The result was a naked dip in the swimming pool, which was all caught on camera. Following the filming of these intoxicated exploits, she complained that the crew should not have filmed her as she had not been sober enough to consent and had no recollection of the events. Although they confirmed that the tape did not reflect any misconduct from a cast member, Warner Bros. chose not to release the footage as a goodwill gesture. However, many people have argued that the set-up was intentional on her part – it’s certainly catapulted her to instant fame as a TV personality! The older of two girls, Corinne is the daughter of Peri Miriam and James Olympios. Despite the eight-year age group, her sister Taylor could easily be mistaken for her twin. Corinne is a self-proclaimed multimillion dollar business owner, which may or may not be true since no one knows the name of her online business. Nevertheless, this salacious starlet comes from an extremely wealthy family – her parents own Armor Garage, a multimillion dollar flooring business that includes the US Military among its client base. The family is Jewish and, contrary to Corinne’s on-screen antics, she is quite devout and spiritual herself. Having wanted to be a model from a young age, Corinne has modelled for various agencies. She was managed by Metric Talent Management LA and is currently on the books of DDO Artists Agency. You may have seen in lingerie and swimsuit print ads for Nike, Covermale Underwear, and Likerr Clothing. She’s also dabbled in acting, including an unsuccessful television pilot called Unorthodox Approach, and worked for a number of commercials and popular artists’ music videos such as those of Pitbull, Akon, DJ Khaled, and Backstreet Boys. There’s even speculation that she was hired to be the drama of Bachelor in Paradise although there’s no clear evidence of this. On her own online business, the details are scarce. However, she has stated that her entrepreneurial adventures provide her with the freedom to travel as she pleases while still running her business. It’s also rumored that the business was started – or at least backed – by her multimillionaire parents. Despite her vast travels, she considers Chicago to be the most romantic city and finds the extensive activities on offer there appealing. She’s a romantic at heart and views herself as something of a Snow White character looking for her own Prince Charming – or so she says. It’s interesting then that she also describes her spirit animal as a cheetah, so perhaps her somewhat predatory actions in her fight to make it to the final four of The Bachelor now make more sense. Rumors continue to follow her though with claims that she faked her behavior on the show and was actually engaged the entire time. Since her unforgettable escapades were broadcast, Corinne has been a guest on several talk shows. Her net worth is estimated to be around $250 000 and is guaranteed to keep climbing. Shows: Shows: The Bachelor Season 21, Bachelor in Paradise Season 4

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